D*Face – “Scars and Stripes” Art Show


I wanted to check out this art show since I saw that gigantic mural on the web.

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Alec Monopoly


After watching his appearance on Million Dollar Listing, I thought it was only right. This is Alec.

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Why “Rookies of the Future” is Brilliant

rookies bluejays

“Rookies of the Future” is a track by Riff Raff featuring Action Bronson, and produced by The Alchemist.

You know, that guy from Beverly Hills who is one of the greatest behind the production boards.

Whether you call it “Rookies” or “Blue Jays,” this song is something else.

At first I had a what-the-fuck moment. ALC and Bronson joining Riff Raff, who some say is a joke. But then I realized, maybe Bronson will have a dope verse/line. Or Alchemist provides some heat. Continue reading

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GTA V Snapmatic “Dots”


Inspired by Evidence’s (Alchemist’s friend/fellow Step Brother) Instagram post(s).

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