Wrestlemania 31


It’s upon us. Wrestlemania is only a few days away.

Every year, around Royal Rumble time, I start watching WWE as often as I can. I try follow to just after Wrestlemania. I try to guess which storylines are going to develop and flourish and which are going to crash and burn.

Last year, WWE got itself into a pickle by choosing Batista to win the Royal Rumble, when the entire world—myself included—wanted Daniel Bryan to win it. Everyone knew he deserve it, he worked his ass off and was over like crazy. Yet they went a different route with Batista and it instantly backfired.

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Best of Joe Budden v.2: #23 10 Mins


Song: 10 Mins

Album: Joe Budden

Year: 2003

Previous: not ranked

Sometimes the truth could hurt you, so I blow my cig smoke right at the truth commercial

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WRDSMTH + I’m Huge


Separate pieces from WRDSMTH and I’m Huge


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Best of Joe Budden v.2: #24 Downfall


Song: Downfall

Album: Mood Muzik 4.5

Year: 2011

Previous: not ranked

Can’t use anything I ever gave you to bury me, you supposed to be the one to bury me

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Best of Joe Budden v.2: #25 No Idea


Song: No Idea

Album: Mood Muzik 4

Year: 2010

Previous: not ranked

Out of touch with reality, I’ll help you get a grasp of it, success breeds changes, but so does a lack of it

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An Ode To Alchemist: Chemistry 114


“Our boy Allllllllllll, everybody’s paaallllllllllllll.”

Here we have Alchemist with some of his frequent collaborators.

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Joe Budden – Some Love Lost Tour


Last week I went up to Silverlake to catch the LA stop of Joe Budden’s short California tour for his recently released Some Love Lost EP. If you can’t tell, he’s one of my favorite rappers. I wasn’t going to miss this tour. I already missed his last solo LA show.

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Bomit Secret Sticker Klub #1


So I was messing around on Instagram one day, checking out different artists’ pages and scrolling through my timeline, when a post caught my eye. I saw a Bomit’s post and was intrigued.

In their post, they had an image of a sticker club, the Secret Sticker Klub as they called it, which I thought was cool. I checked out the link on their site and thought, “what the hell, let me try it.” The site said I would receive a nice amount of stickers every month for twelve months. I signed up, thinking it would be cool to get something every month.

A few weeks ago, the first package came in. These are the stickers that came in.


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