The Worst of Joe Budden


Now I love Joe Budden.

I think he a phenomenal rapper, one of my favorite rappers ever. His honesty, vulnerability and perspective are refreshing. I like to say that he often over shares his personal life, and it makes the listener uncomfortable and they start wondering, “Should I be listening to this?” He’s cornered the “sad,” “emo” or “depression” rap market.

Although he’s known for that type of music, he’s branched out several times and attempted to get a follow up hit to “Pump It Up.”

Unfortunately, or fortunately, he’s never been able to reach the success that his debut single provided. Time after time, he’s tried. Each of those times, he’s failed. He’s been chasing singles. His attempt at getting a single has helped produced some of his worst music. As a huge Budden fan, each time he chases the single, I cringe because I know it’s going to be terrible.

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Game – One Blood (Remix) – Ten Years Later


With this year being the ten-year anniversary of Game’s sophomore album, The Doctor’s Advocate, I decided to go back and check on the monstrous remix to the album’s single, “One Blood.”

The remix had 23 verses from 25 different rappers—24 rappers plus a new Game verse.

When the song came out and I downloaded the song, the file name said it all:


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