Currensy & The Alchemist “The Carrollton Heist” First Listen


When I found out Alchemist and Currensy where about to drop the follow up the classic Covert Coup project, I got really excited.

It was going to be difficult for The Carrollton Heist to live up to the greatness Covert Coup was, but I wanted to see what new music Alchemist and Currensy cooked up.

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Welcome to Alchemist Week 2016


Another year gone and another weeklong plus dedication to Alchemist.

My appreciation for the man grows as I do this each year. Every year I discovered something new. The majority of the time I realized how dope an old song he produced was.

Year after year he continues to be efficient and productive. His musical output hasn’t declined. He’s continued to drop random songs and collaborative projects annually.

He keeps leaving me amazed at his production.

Also, this year, he decided to step in front of the camera by joining Action Bronson on his two Viceland shows, Fuck That’s Delicious and Traveling the Stars. The world has been able to see Alchemist in different environments. We’ve seen him in and out of his comfort zone, stoned usually. He seems like a very down to earth dude, and you can see why everyone fucks with him.

Last but not least, this weeks revolves around Alchemist’s birthday, October 25th.

Happy Birthday to the God, may Alchemist continue to bless the world with magnificent music.

Enough of an introduction, let’s roll out the content.

(Photo Credit: Alchemist Instagram)