Rap (World) Cup

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is upon us. After four years of insane results in international football, we are merely a day away from the start of the tournament.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is something special with many different underlying storylines. Can Messi or Ronaldo win the tournament, in their potential last World Cup? Can Brazil bounce back from 2014’s defeat? Can Germany continue its dominance in international competitions? Will Mexico carry the CONCACAF flag through the knockout stage?

Much like the most popular sport in the world, hip-hop and rap have transcended borders and cultures and penetrate the everyday lives of others, thanks to the expansion of the United States and western world to the east. Countries that do not speak the English language have seen rap cross into their world. You don’t have to know the words to understand or feel a record.

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A Half-A-Mil Summer

Summer is quickly approaching and that means it’s about to be very nice outside, or in the case of California, nicer.

There’s was a time a few years ago where the go-to rapper for setting the summer up was Dom Kennedy, but after miscues in his last two solo projects (I liked By Dom Kennedy), his reliability has decreased dramatically. His reputation started to dwindle as many fans became frustrated by the product they were receiving. Twitter had a field day with him saying things such as his rapping about “nonsense” and his off-beat rapping, which is funny because there are a lot of rappers who rap “nonsense.” By “nonsense” I mean putting a bunch of random lines together in a verse.

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