Elimination Chamber by Domo Genesis

Domo Genesis – “Elimination Chamber” feat. Earl Sweatsuit, Vince Staples and Action Bronson

The Elimination Chamber is a match in the WWE where six competitors are locked inside a closed cage. Four are locked in see-through pod/compartments while the other two start the match. After an elapsed amount of time, the next competitor joins, and so on until all six have entered. This is an elimination match, so the match is over once five competitors have submitted or been pinned. Continue reading Elimination Chamber by Domo Genesis


Featuring Game

Game is an underrated rapper, at least in my opinion. He has the portfolio that rivals others. He has a classic album with The Documentary, he has numerous dope albums, in which none are necessarily wack, and he can definitely rap. Usually there’s a smudge on a rapper’s record but I don’t think Game has one.

When he came out he was on fire. He was delivered great verses left and right. He was aligned with G-Unit and Dr. Dre and made great music with them. He then got “kicked out” of G-Unit, and survived, handling his own in the post-friendship beef.

Shit, he was hailed as the savior of West Coast rap for a minute.

Regardless, of the period of his rap career, Game has rap consistently all these years. Below are just a few records he has destroyed his guest appearance.

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