rose bowl aka the ducks flew south

The 2012 Rose Bowl. Oregon Ducks and Wisconsin Badgers.

What a game. And by that I mean an Oregon Ducks win. At times, the game was shaky especially on the defensive side of the ball but they were able to pull it off.

First, of all, that Oregon helmet is fucking dopeeeeeeee. Chrome. Mirror-like. DOPE.

As I watched the game in the first quarter, I couldn’t help but notice how horrible the Oregon defense was against the Wisconsin run, especially in the first two Wisconsin drives that eventually lead to touchdowns. Later in the game, they were able to manage the run and minimize the rushing attack from the Badgers.

On the other hand, the Ducks offense was on point, as it responded to the Wisconsin quick scoring drives with a quick-er scoring drive. The Ducks outgained the Badgers in scoring quicker and scoring on long plays. Darron Thomas played good He showed some poise as he led the team down the field after the Badgers had just scored.

Some players really shined. I mean really shined.

“Black Mamba” tore it up.  Dude is a motherfucking bad ass. He scored twice on long runs. One on a 91-yard draw, 91 fucking yards and the other on a 64-yard sweep. Snoop did a good job with the nickname, as he is an electrifying player that can change the atmosphere of a change in one, quick, play. He is going to be a star in the next couple of years and I can’t wait for him to turn into one.

Number 80 for the Ducks Lavasier Tuinei (interesting name) came to play. I didn’t really know who he was but he was a great offensive threat during the game and a reliable receiver. Late in the game, on a fourth and six in the redzone, he was able to catch a ball to move the chains. He ended up scoring twice and having over 150 receiving yards.

Linebacker Kiko Alonso was a great player that day. He was able to step in front of a Wisconsin receiver for a perfect interception as well as recover a key fumble. Late in the game, number 4 for the Badgers fumbled near the Oregon sideline. SOMEHOW, the ball stayed in. Coach Kelly is seen jumping up and down, pointing at the ball, so one of his players would notice it and fall on it. Kiko comes thru and jumps on the ball.

Overall, great performance for the Ducks after not coming thru with a W the pass two bowl games.


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