2011 in Review, best projects of the year: #5 Dom Kennedy

Artist: Dom Kennedy

Album: The Original Dom Kennedy/From the Westside with Love: II

My dude Dom. Great charisma from this young rapper, which makes him stand out and be a dope artist. In 2011, Dom dropped two projects and I decided to combine both into the fifth spot because Dom really caught my eye and ear this past year. That is why; I decide to give him the fifth spot in the top albums projects of the year.

Dom first dropped The Original Dom Kennedy in March. At first, I didn’t really played it as much except for a couple tracks, “Designer Shit” and “CDC” with cARTer and Casey Veggies. However, I would soon hear the entire project at once, which I was glad I did because I was impressed.  It was a pretty solid album from beginning to end.

For example, on one song, “Goodbye”, Dom gives advice to fellow up in-coming rappers by telling them to stop with the flashy shit and work on the fundamentals through a basketball reference, i.e. focus on your lyrics: “Don’t go between your legs before you even learn to dribble.” Hmm, interesting.

My favorite track from this project, wait, scratch that, I can’t pick just one, I have two favorites, “Bet You Want Me (Now)” and “Designer Shit.” On “Bet You Want Me (Now)”, Dom talks about his past with women as well as his present situation with bitches. When speaking on his past, he tells them “bet you want me now,” fitting title. While “Designer Shit” is an ode to having THAT lifestyle where you brag about never being turned down, having designer clothes, etc.  Dom is basically says what is going on with him and what he prefers.

And remember, “…and if you on your knees, take your time with it.”

Dom’s other project, From the Westside with Love: II, was the follow up and his first project-for-profit as it found itself on iTunes. I’m glad Dom is finally getting some $$$ for his hard work on those well-put-together projects.

The single “Grind’n” is a perfect anthem for Dom’s work ethic and career; he is always grindin’, whether putting out projects or performing.

The tracks I liked the most from this project, where “2mph” with Big K.R.I.T. and “Beats, Hoes, and Rhymes” with Casey Veggies and Schoolboy Q. “Beats, Hoes and Rhymes” is the perfect anthem for what rappers like, the real rappers, not the bullshit so-called rappers like Soulja Boy and that Young Money bullshit. Like the hook says, “there’s a few things that I like, beats, hoes, and some rhymes.”

I came to a conclusion that Casey Veggies had the best verse on the track. Casey brags about his game and how he will easily pick up this girl at a party and how easily he fucked this one other chick after he ran into her at store after she told him she had heard a few of his songs. BUT, Casey also talks about this “world full of darkness” that he is concern with and how he can overcome it thru music, while implying that this rap shit isn’t a race (!!!) and he should take his time (!!!) while working, so the end result can be dope.

And remember, “name starts with a D but I sound like a G on this..“ Yes, Dom, you are correct.


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