2011 in Review, best projects of the year: #4 Pac Div

Artist: Pac Div

Album: Mania!/The Div

Much like Dom Kennedy, Pac Div dropped two projects this year and again I decided to combine both projects for the fourth spot. Pac Div is currently one of my favorite groups and these two projects back it up.

Mania! was released first, of the two, as a mixtape hosted by Don Cannon, and it was guarantee to have some dope records much like their previous mixtapes. By the time Mania! dropped, I was already a fan of Pac Div, but this tape made me a bigger fan. Based on the few songs that came out as leaks to prelude the mixtape, I knew the tape would be dope. Songs like “Anti-freeze”, “Your fuckin’ Song”, and my personal favorite (and ringtone!) “Take Me High”, increased excitement over this project.

Back to the mixtape. The mixtape was solid, dope as fuck. You have those songs I previously mentioned as well as “Fallin”, which is about love and falling into it, a nice switch from the usual Pac Div formula. Also, you had the church-like inspired “Saved” which blended the idea of being saved by a higher power to when you received your paycheck.

Also, around this time the group was on tour and I was lucky enough to see them, for free!, and they killed it. They perform songs of Mania! such as “Take Me High” which was fucking dope since I love that song, and gave out hardcopy versions of the mixtape to those who were lucky enough to snatch one out the air.

Their other project is considered their debut album because it is a result of them gaining their freedom after asking to be dropped from their major label. The Div was the result, not the highly anticipated yet-to-be-released-if-ever Grown Kid Syndrome. As expected, their debut was solid and dope, of course, which is the norm for Pac Div.

On The Div, Pac Div continued their consistency of releasing dope rhymes accompanied by equally as dope beats. On the single(?) for the album “Posted” you have a beat that sounds like it has a piece of middle eastern influence, sounding like it was inspired by India. They continued to kick their dope rhymes on tracks such as “Useless” with Asher Roth, who drops a dope verse as well, the thick-girl anthem (lol and yes!) “Top Down” with fellow west coast affiliates Skeme and Casey Veggies, and “Chaos (The Recipe)”.

Overall, Pac Div continued where they left off on Church League Champions, Don’t Mention It by dropping dope shit which seems to be their only way of making music which I can’t complain, nor am I going to. Hopefully the future has more of the Pac Div dopeness!


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