Best of Joe Budden: #19 Are You in That Mood Yet!?


Song: Are You in That Mood Yet?

Off of: Mood Muzik 2

Year: 2005

Ah, the first track off the classic mixtape, Mood Muzik 2.

This track is consists of Joey rapping about his problems. At first, Budden raps about not being financially well off, not having enough money to help his friends out like he would like to.

He transitions into some baby momma drama and the threat of her being pregnant, again. Joe says he can’t afford be a father again since he hasn’t been a good father to his son, Trey, even suggesting paying for her to have an abortion. The reasoning behind the suggestion is that Joe cannot take care of himself; therefore, he won’t be able to provide for a newborn like he wishes. This gets him to think about his current situation with his son and how their relationship is similar to the way Joe was treated when he was growing up. Joe even says that the newborn will actually feel like a son to him since he barely has a relationship with Trey.

Joey always mentions his depression in songs; this one is no different, saying that his depression has been ongoing for almost a month, after having thoughts of committing crimes but rethinks it when he reminisces of the jails in Jersey. “Depression starts talking and his voice is raspy/ ‘cause he ain’t shut the fuck up in three and a half weeks.”

Difficult, yet real and deep stuff from Joey.


“If I don’t want it she’ll want nothing to do with me, just get the abortion and I’ll give you the 250, but if you say that to her than you wrong, you ain’t think about that, you was getting your groove on, cant take care of myself nevermind a newborn, I guess the pussy got too good for too long”


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