Best of Joe Budden: #18 Through the Wire


Song: Through the Wire

Off of: Mood Muzik: The Worst of Joe Budden

Year: 2004

This track is a great example of what Joe Budden the rapper stands for: making that real, relatable music rather than that bullshit the radio and record labels try to drive down our throats.

Joe talks about his first album, Joe Budden, and how it wasn’t well received by the “masses” because his album was realer than other releases. Since Joey doesn’t make up stories nor does he talks mostly about cars and their rims, the world couldn’t appreciate how well put his album was. He says that his music is too far advanced and that the “masses” weren’t ready or weren’t going to understand since he wasn’t going to down dumb his subject matter.

This leads to a “FUCK” rant by Joey, saying fuck to a lot of his bad experiences he’s had including going to jail, therapy, rehab, being homeless, baby momma drama, growing up without a dad, etc. All these events helped shaped Joey to be the man he is today much like our experiences help shape us, and they make him one of the best rappers out.

He reiterates how he cannot just rap about materialistic things, it’s not who he is, it’s not his style, hell, he doesn’t even know how to rap that other shit.

Joe says, “I write the real and you can’t take that from me,” which EASILY sums up the track very well. Joe has never been a fan of making radio-friendly songs, he is more interested in making deep songs that people could relate to which helps him because they seem to be therapeutic.


“Don’t write so my label can be on top, nigga I write so the voices in my head can stop, nigga I write my life and it’s way too real, this is pay-per-view not the Dave Chappelle”


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