Best of Joe Budden: #17 Dear Diary


Song: Dear Diary

Off of: Mood Muzik 3

Year: 2007

Joe takes the opportunity to talk about a situation a lot of people may have been apart of. Here, he talks about a former friend who turned out to be someone different.

Could he be talking about Ransom from the defunct A-Team?

At first everything was great, Joe thought his friend was a cool, good person but he was mislead. Soon Joe would notice that he and his former friend wanted different things in life and where into different things. Joe wanted the better things in life while his former friend was okay with the current situation. Seems he was lacking ambition like a lot of people these days.

Joe’s girl at the time was suspicious of this friend but Joe wouldn’t believe her and argued with her in defense of the friend he thought he had.

At the end of the track, Joe goes back to a recurring topic of his: his drama with his baby’s mother. In this song, he mentions that his ex-girl keeps sending him L’s or losses in life, through a dope Tetris metaphor. Anyways, Joe rarely gets to talk or visit his son, yet he still pays child support which makes Joe think he ”pay[s] for him like he’s a object,” he being his son.

Near the end of the song, Joe says “is she wrong using him so I can come back? Or am I wrong wishing I could get my cum back?”


I don’t know what to say about this. Based on the line, it seems that his ex is using their son to rekindle their relationship and led to them getting back together, while Joe feels this way because he hardly sees his son because she denied visitation rights but still wants child support from Joe has caused Joe to be fed up with the situation that the thought of “wishing for his cum back” had come across his mind.


“I got another side I never showed to you, the side where everybody is disposable, see, relationships are never a threat, ‘cause I’ll erase the history and act like we never met”


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