Best of Joe Budden: #16 Walk With Me


Song: Walk With Me

Off of: Joe Budden

Year: 2003

Walk With Me“ is an often-overlooked Joe Budden track and a gem on his debut album, Joe Budden.

Joe is asking the listener to come take a walk with him and see what he deals with in life.

There are two parts to the track, the first verse deals with Joe going back to his old hood in Jersey City and seeing how things changed. Since he is now somewhat famous, people start reaching out to him for help and there are others who think since he is now famous he shouldn’t be in the hood, hinting that he should watch his back.

In the first verse, Joe takes the listener back to his Jersey City hood to introduce them to his friends. He asks them to question his friends’ loyalty, if they are true friends or do they have ulterior motives. Cousins Joe never knew he had start coming out giving him their demo while others are asking for a handout. Meanwhile, there are other people in the hood that don’t like what he is doing saying he is repping the hood negatively which causes Joe to asks if he is going to have to protect himself and strap the fuck up.

The second verse is aimed at his baby momma, Angie, questioning her motives for a relationship with Joe. Was she ready to have Joe’s child or did she use it to plan a future for herself?

The pain in Joe is felt in this deep, emotional track. You could feel the pain in Joe as he sees what a little bit of fame can do to the people around you and people you thought were your friends. Poor Joe, I wish no one would ever have to go through that but that isn’t realistic.


“Yo…I’m seeing a couple things wrong with the way that I’m living, so come and walk with me I just need a second opinion, introduce you to my friends I got to see if you notice, if they loyal or if they all got an ulterior motive”


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