Best of Joe Budden: #15 If I Die Tomorrow


Song: If I Die Tomorrow

Off of: Mood Muzik 2

Year: 2005


One of two things guaranteed in this life, the other being taxes. Joe talks the opportunity to ponder what would happen after he’s gone and says he would be fine if death was near because he was able to live. He exceeded expectations and has lived a life he could only dream of.

Joe mentions that if there were a chance of him dying tomorrow he wouldn’t complain to God because He has a plan for him and has blessed Joe already. Joe was able to do many things in his life that he never would’ve thought. He drove cars and fucked girls he never thought he could, signed to Def Jam and was nominated for a Grammy. Besides Joe says he doesn’t want to reach old age, so, if he died tomorrow, he would be okay with the life he lived.

Joe takes this opportunity to thank people around him for being there including his family, his girl, the street niggas who taught him about the streets, his friends from high school including Dub C, a producer and friend of Joe who produced some songs off of Mood Muzik 2, who really helped Joe out during his PCP days when Joe was dealing with his demons.

“Best thing about dying tomorrow I won’t see anybody I love leave,” says Joe. What a perspective Joe gives us. It’s true too. Whenever a person close to us dies, we get emotional because we just lost them but if we died before them we wouldn’t have to deal with the emotional breakdown that comes with losing someone. However, dying before others can cause family and friends to go through that pain of losing a love one that Joe doesn’t want to go through. So, it all depends on how you wish to look at it, should you look at the glass as half-full or half-empty?


“If I die tomorrow then what would it mean, already feel like I’m living my dream, came across some pretty interesting folk, I met some new people, ain’t move a lot of units, but touched a few people”


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