Euro 2012 is almost here!

Euro 2012 is almost here. And I. Can’t. Wait.

Soccer is an awesome sport, I’ve become more of a soccer fan the past couple of years. (Go Mexico and Barcelona!!)

The sport is a beauty. It gets people from a country together to cheer on their fellow countrymen on their quest to win a championship/trophy.

Euro 2012 is about less than a week away and I am excited for it. After the World Cup 2010, I’ve been waiting for another big competition, the Champions league wasn’t that great since Barcelona failed to make the final and Bayern Munich shockingly lost in the final to Chelsea.

There are a few teams in the tournament that I wouldn’t mind if they won, those teams being Germany, Spain and Netherlands. However, it is inevitable and they will have to play each other eventually.  Germany and Netherlands are in the same group!

The last big tournament, the 2010 World Cup, I successfully picked the two nations participating in the final, Spain and Netherlands and also choose the winner, Spain. I’m going to attempt to do the same thing with the Euro 2012.

Out of Group A, I have Greece and Russia coming out with Russia winning the group.

From Group B, also known as the group of death, it’s a bit harder to pick. Teams in this group are Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and Portugal. Should I go against arguably one of the best players in the world’s country? Yes, I’m going to have to. Ronaldo, you are a great player even if you do play for the biggest rival of one of my teams, I will still give you props but I just don’t see you coming out of the group especially with those other teams. Therefore, I have Germany and Netherlands coming out of the group. I don’t know which will win the group, it’s a coin toss; however, I do know that the runner-up will have a tough time against the winner of Group C, which is…

The defending Euro 2008 and 2010 World Cup champions, Spain. Accompanying Spain out of the group is Italy, edging out Croatia. That Italy v. Croatia game will be the battle for the runner-up spot in the knockout stage.

In Group D, I have Sweden winning the group and France sneaking into the runner-up position.

Regardless of who wins Group B, I have Netherlands, Spain, Germany and Italy in the semifinals. If Spain plays Germany in the semifinal, that winner will win the Euro 2012 championship. But if Spain plays Netherlands in the semifinal, Spain will play Germany for the Euro 2012 championship and I don’t know whom to choose between the two. If this happens, I will return with an answer by the start of the knockout phase.

Anyways, here is to a great tournament with a lot of the world’s best players participating in and for amazing plays that we will remember for years to come.


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