Best of Joe Budden: #13 Broken Wings


Song: Broken Wings

Off of: Nothing, released freely on the Internet

Year: 2006

Depression. Something a lot of people have and have been through. Depression is also a recurring theme in a lot of Joe Budden songs where he tells the fans what he has been through.

Joe is stuck with depression that stops him from sleeping and eating since it overtakes every part of his life. It has Joe wishing his depression would just take a “recess” or a break and leave him alone for a bit.

Friends turning into enemies could be one of the sources why Joe became depressed. Like previously mentioned, some of Joe’s friends wanted different things and lived different lifestyles and the addition of money helped destroy the friendship. Now those same friends want a helping hand from Joe.

I like the subliminal Jay-Z comparison. Joe uses a New York Yankee metaphor that includes Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez. Joe is Alex and Jay is Derek. What Joe accomplishes in this metaphor is that nobody can be the main guy in New York if you aren’t Derek Jeter, therefore, Joe can’t be a success at Def Jam since Jay-Z is president of the label. Much like Alex, Joe doesn’t want to leave because being on this hip hop label is a big thing much like playing for the New York Yankees. Def Jam is the label everyone strives to be just like putting on a Yankee uniform, it has a tradition of having great former artists/players, so, him leaving isn’t an option because if you are on the so called “best” why downgrade to something else? You are on this label/team for a reason because you are a great rapper/player.


“Let me teach you a little something about depression, ain’t shit you could do to me I ain’t already thought about doing to myself”


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