Best of Joe Budden: #11 Calm Down


Song: Calm Down

Off of: Joe Budden

Year: 2003

One of the realist tracks EVER!

This is Joey’s ode to his mother, similar to Kanye’s “Hey Mama” and 2pac’s “Dear Momma” but different. Here Joe tells us how his relationship with his mother has been like a roller coaster especially during his angel dust days but their relationship has better now that he is sober.

This song is meant to be heard and words can’t really express how dope and deep it is but I’m going to try

He speaks on how he treated his mother when he was on angel dust. He disrespected her including a time where he physically hurt her. Also, Joe blamed his mother for his drug addiction since she had been an addict as well using that excuse as a scapegoat for his actions. However, with everything Joe put his mother through, she was still by his side at the hospital when his baby momma Angie stabbed him.

The last verse is Joe thanking her and apologizing for the dumb shit he did to her that hurt her, emotionally and physically, telling her she finally has a son that is sober and someone who she could be proud of. He was able to make something of himself after being a dust head and reaching bottom.

Can’t really talk much more about “Calm Down”, check the song out it will touch you. It may have cause a tear to fall down your eye, you’ll feel the emotion Joe put in this song.


“Look, I was such a lost soul, just wanted to be down with something, look at your son now mommy, I amounted to something, you couldn’t figure out what I had messed with the streets for, ‘cause you saw my genius without a SAT score”


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