Best of Joe Budden: #10 Unforgiven


Song: Unforgiven

Off of: Released to Internet, later put on Mood Muzik 3: The Album

Year: 2007

This song also has a dope sample from Metallica.

Unforgiven” has Joe talking about maintaining himself throughout his music, staying true to himself and never becoming someone he isn’t like a lot of rappers have become.

Joe mentions his past experience with angel dust and how his depression overtook him and caused him do other things. However, once he got signed he saw that could make it out the hood but he also saw that the companies wanted him to be someone else, in order for them to make money. Joe even says that the record companies don’t believe in rappers, which cause these rappers to change themselves to please the executives, something Joe didn’t do, thus remaining true to himself.

He says that his record label told him to change his rapping style, not remain true to himself, because they thought he would fail and not sell records. Record labels don’t like when albums don’t sell because they make no money. Joey went against their wishes and remained true to himself. Though it is looked as a failure, his fans know Joey is a success since he makes the type of music people can feel and relate to, something that hip hop is lacking.

Success shouldn’t be measured by record sales, it should be measured by the quality of the music and the effect it has on people. By these standards, Joe is a success. Fuck record sales.


“Let’s talk about the struggle, lets talk about the pain, some people say they love you, but that don’t mean a thing, some folks is so naïve, not me I go insane, some people dap you, they hug you they do it all in vain, that’s my depression talking maybe it’s really real, maybe them doctors was right and maybe I’m really ill”


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