Best of Joe Budden: #8 Ordinary Love Shit Part 3


Song: Ordinary Love Shit Part 3 (Closure)

Off of: Nothing, released on Internet

Year: 2011

Ordinary Love Shit Part 3” or simply “OLS3” is a great song about his relationship with Esther Baxter and how it went sour. Joe takes on the Frank Ocean “Novacane” instrumental to speak about the Esther situation and how she cheated on him, pressed charges etc.

I’m not going to speak much about the song because “OLS3” has too many details about the entire relationship from the beginning to the end. Listening to the song will give you a better sense of it and allow you to feel the emotion Joe put in the song. This was Joey’s way of bringing closure to such a messy break up that included losing a potential child, being accused of domestic violence, being arrested, Esther cheating on him etc.

A quick run down of the song.

Joe and Esther hit it off and begin living together. Joe asks Esther to get a job or at least pursue her “acting” career to which she doesn’t. By the time she does pursue it she is caught lying about her whereabouts and found cheating with a NFL running back. Joe was told previously about her unfaithfulness but he ignored them.

Esther accuses Joe of cheating with a fellow model, Yaris Sanchez, but Joe denied it. This led her to smashing his laptop against the wall. An altercation occurs and depending on whose side you want to believe, either Joe restrained her or punched her.  She has him arrested and is set to press charges. Meanwhile, Joe goes to Tahiry for comfort and a place to crash. Tahiry tells Joe that she knew all along about Esther’s rep and that she knew it wouldn’t work out between the two.

The song ends with Joey saying he “dead that bitch” aka finally broke it off with her. Such a messy breakup but those situations, difficult ones, usually provide some of the best music from Budden.


“So you try and take something for pain, it don’t work, you still feeling all the Novocain don’t work, nope so we good, I don’t let it get me down, not a pussy that good nor a titty that round, for anything to work, y’all trust is a must and I learned, gotta let a mutt be with a mutt, so I dead that bitch and though the shit’s been over, some situations don’t end without closure”



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