Euro 2012, version 2.0

Well, I was close. Only five of the eight teams I choose to advance to the knockout stage actually did with only Netherlands, Russia and Sweden failing to make the knockout stage. Still, that’s more than 50%. Portugal took Netherlands’ spot, England took Sweden’s spot and Czech Republic took Russia’s spot. Both England and Czech won their groups, which I thought they wouldn’t. Portugal reached the knockout stage by being runner-up to the “Group of Death.”

Those three teams disappointed me. I thought they would play better than they did. Netherlands disappointed me the most because it failed to get ONE point. Russia had its group won; however, they couldn’t finish the job by getting pass Greece.

In the knockout stage, I have Portugal beating Czech Republic, Spain beating Greece, Germany over France and Italy defeating England. From those four, I still want to see that final I said a few weeks ago, Germany versus Spain with Germany winning the Euro. Spain hasn’t been playing that well anyways and Germany is playing very well. I also have Germany winning the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. I still love Spain though.


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