Best of Joe Budden: #7 Long Way to Go


Song: Long Way to Go

Off of: Mood Muzik 3

Year: 2007

What a great song where Joe talks about the long, difficult road to success. This song resembles Joe’s success in the music industry. After Joe got dropped, he had to grind to build a buzz and keep his fan base happy. Fast forward to present time, Joe is now at the top of success, underground success, as more people know about him and his group Slaughterhouse, who signed with Eminem’s Shady Records.

Long Way to Go” is Joe telling others that the road to success is long and obtains obstacles and it is your mission to overcome everything thrown in your path to reach that success. Joe has had his struggles reaching success because there have been a couple people wanting him to fail and holding him back but he kept going allowing nothing to get in the way of success.

He also takes another shot at Jay-Z. Jay has a song called “Beach Chair” off of the forgotten-for-a-good-reason “Kingdom Come” where he talks about the finer things in life. Jay-Z being a millionaire can talk about that but everyone else including Joe cannot. Joe flips it and says that life is great when you are rich but for those who aren’t rich they can’t afford the metaphoric beach chair to relax, as they have to continue to grind and work hard to reach their own success.


“School of Hard Knocks scholarship, dealing with politics, I would just sell success in the store if I could bottle it, but I ain’t a millionaire, won’t see me in Forbes son, life is like a ‘Beach Chair’ when you can afford one, ruger loaded, just in case the war come, might as well everything is coming to the forefront, need a clear head just to think and fuck a ‘Drink and My 2 Step’ nigga, I’m two steps from a drink, the pressure either bust pipes or it make diamonds, no matter how high up the mountain I stay climbing, freedom I keep chancing, so if I fall like Beyonce I just get back up and keep dancing”


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