Live Blogging: Burn Notice, episode 2

Burn Notice season 6, episode 2

*Editor’s note: This entry will be written during the show and be posted right after it. However, the grammar appears it will be posted. There might by some sic’s.

Previously on Burn Notice:

In the season premiere, Michael finds Anson after setting a road block but has to let him go after Anson promises to blow up a chemical plant with Sam, Pierce and some agents in it if Michael doesn’t let him go. Anson was in Michael’s hands but he let him go to save his friends. Meanwhile, Fiona is at the FBI headquarters being questioned about the explosion. She tells the interrogator that she didn’t kill the security guards or placed the other bombs in the building other than the one that killed Larry. Fiona’s arrest garners huge press coverage.

Episode 2:

Michael desperately wants to see Fiona who is in prison. He goes to his training officer for help. He tells Michael that he will help if he helps him with a job. His training officer and the DEA want to stop a cocaine shipment from reaching Miami. Therefore, Michael must infiltrate a cartel to get close to them and find out the location.

I love that they are using a cartel in the plot. I am fascinated by Cartels.

Anyways, Michael cannot go ahead with the plan because their lawyer will recognize them, so Jesse takes over. Jesse gets in with them at the cost of a dirty DEA agent.

Meanwhile, Fiona is battling being killed, shanked, beat in prison by a woman that runs the cell block. Fiona is being sought after because she failed to “eat” an apple that was given to her as a present by the queen of the cell block. She didn’t eat it because it would mean that she owns Fiona.

Fiona, with the help of another cellmate, beats up the woman that was after her. She beats her with rolled up magazines. It was pretty cool and creative how Fiona created a weapon out of everyday things.

Michael, Sam and his training officer have set up a fake shipment to scare a Cartel member, however, the DEA seizes the shipment. The cartel boss isn’t happy with that member.

In real life, that member would be searched for and killed for his betrayal. LOYALTY is everything. I agree with that. Loyalty should be a trait a lot of people should have.

Michael’s brother Nate tells him that he is having problems at home, Michael asks him to stay in Miami.

Fiona and her new friend are washing dishes in the kitchen when she attacks Fiona, smacking her with a frying pan and nearly drowning her. Fiona fights her off. The woman tells her that she was asked to kill her or they would kill her sister.


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