Live Blogging: The Great Escape, episode 1


Show looks good hopefully it delivers. The show’s premise is pretty cool: break out of a prison, who hasn’t thought of doing that? It looks like fun.

For the premiere I am going with the black couple.

Seems fun like I said, plus I love a challenge.

First off, they have to escape a jail cell by finding a key and a map. The cell is small as fuck especially for two people. My team is ahead. The team of the two dudes seems to already bumping heads.

There is a part where you need evade security guards and a spot light, looks dope.
Also, during this part you can get caught and get sent back to the beginning.

My team is struggling while the other two teams are striving and move past the “obstacles.”

Show was pretty cool. Will definitely try to watch each episode. The red team one, holla at me Megan (girl on red team). My team lost, they were in last place.


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