Best of Joe Budden: #6 Pray For Me


Song: Pray For Me

Off of: Padded Room

Year: 2009

One of the realist songs I had ever heard!

Pray For Me” was a gem I found a while back. I couldn’t believe it took me this long to find it, maybe because it was featured on Padded Room and I never gave that album a chance or a listen.

Pray For Me” is about a near death experience where Joe is the victim of a car-jacking-gone-wrong and meets the Big Guy, who questions him whether he deserves to get into heaven.

At first Joe is shocked and doesn’t believe him until He starts talking about events in Joe’s life. He starts talking about all the wrongs Joe has done in his life but Joe doesn’t back down. Joe begins to plea his case and telling Him he dealt Joe a bad hand, multiple times. Joe starts naming how the world is already fucked up and how He could allow that to happen. Why are there third world problems? Famine problems? Drugs? Diseases? Violence? Etc.

Joe brings up a good point. I am not a big religious person but if there were a God why would he make life difficult for his sons and daughters? Why would he place diseases, violence and other problems in the world? Shouldn’t he want the best for his children? To me, Joe brings up a valid point, intentionally or unintentionally. This is why I find it funny when people say stuff like “God has a plan for me” or “It’s in God’s hands” because if there were a God a lot of the world’s problems wouldn’t be here. Plus, those people tend to push their religion onto others without being asked.

Joe’s conversation with God is something different, it is hardly found it hip hop. The fact that Joe is arguing with God is something I don’t think ANYONE would ever do or thought of doing in a rap song. Joe’s creativity is top notch, which is why he is one of the dopest rappers in hip hop

My analysis and opinion does not give the song the credit it deserves. Ultimately, you have to listen to the song to really appreciate it and understand it.


 “Yeah, there’s been times in my life I needed help to make money, but why everything I love you manage to take from me? Yet you stand there an question a nigga that tries hard, and finds a way when you keep dealing them fucked up cards!”


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