Best of Joe Budden: #5 Dumb Out


Song: Dumb Out

Off of: Mood Muzik 2

Year: 2005

This is the song that “revived” Joe’s career and helped rebuild his Internet buzz. Also, it’s the song where Joe gives his opinion on the current state of hip hop, back in 2005 as well as were he stands in it.

In a nut shell, Joe tells everyone that he’s still here and he is still a rapper not to be fucked with since he is one of the best out. From comparing him to legends in hip hop and other ill rappers. Rappers like Eminem, Hov, Raekwon, Tupac, Common, Fabolous, Jadakiss, Mos Def etc. all who where the dopest and un-fuck-with-able at one point in their careers, yet they still remain dope.

Dumb Out” is sort of a re-introduction for Joe. A re-introduction in such he has to be the one to save hip hop especially with all the mainstream bullshit that was out in 2005.

“I’m downloading like, niggas actually play this? Maybe I’m bugging out, maybe I’m on a spaceship,” says Joe about the current state of hip hop where the radio and television are playing garbage music. The times still haven’t changed, as in 2012 they are still playing crap!

And Joe being the rapper he is, he isn’t going to let hip hop die especially when he is a lyrical beast and everyone knows that, so, he‘s there to prove them right. With Joe’s content, lyrical ability, etc he asked to not be compared with the wack rappers because he isn’t one of them even if he did have the radio hit “Pump It Up.” Joe is different, he raps about relatable shit, deep shit, and therefore, Joe doesn’t want you or the music industry to not give him his credit as a rapper and think of him as a less-talented mainstream rapper like those heard on the radio.

Dumb Out” did a great job for Joe’s name by creating buzz for him and was a preview to the classic mixtape, Mood Muzik 2: Are You in That Mood Yet? Also, this song made me start checking for Joe’s music more regularly, which ironically led me to the first mixtape in the series.


“I’m the nicest dude out since ‘Reasonable Doubt’…no names should be mentioned but mine unless you talking Big Pun in his prime, maybe ’96 Jay before Dame was throwing money around, or 2pac without Humpty around, or 50 before Em, Nas talking like a gun in his song, Cam’ron during Children of the Corn, Beans before the cops came through and try to grill ‘em, I’m talking ’95 Big L before they killed ‘em, Em before 8 Mile, Shyne before the jail shit, Canibus, no album out before the L shit, talking about ‘Kiss, DMX when he was fucking with coke, or ‘Cuban Linx,’ Raekwon and Ghost, I do it all who blending so well in the game, talking Fab back when he was still spelling his name, on my Diddy shit, Memphis Grizzly shit, like back in the day when Clue swiped all of Biggie’s shit, rappers don’t need trouble with I, unless its Ras Kass before the D.W.I., or Talib with Mos, Common before Be, if they any less common don’t put ‘em before me”


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