Best of Joe Budden: #3 Black Cloud


Song: Black Cloud

Off of: Mood Muzik 4

Year: 2010

“’Black Cloud’ is funny because it’s probably, it’s probably the darkest record on Mood Muzik 4, however, the whole song is really just about being…happy.” Joe said it best, telling MTV that although the beat seems dark, the lyrics aren’t and interestingly enough, it deals with Joey’s life experiences.

For a recently new song, released in 2010, they song has jumped to the top of my favorite songs from him. The beat makes my head nod and the lyrics speak to me as I feel what Joey is describing.

The subject matter on “Black Cloud” is interesting. On the first verse, Joe mentions that he has changed, he is no longer a depressed person, which is good for him but will that be a problem for his fans that relate to him and his depression? If Joey is all smiles and happy now, is he going to lose his fans? Joey questions this rhetorically. Joey continues on verse two by saying that the recognition he got helped him fight his depression, however, he once again questions his depression by referring to it as a “gift” because through his music he is able to reach others and helped them deal with their depression.

Another thing about the second verse is that Joey personifies potential. He says he “never met it” and that he was going to visit Joe but didn’t as if God interfered. His whole analogy is dope and interesting to me because a lot of underground fans know that Joey has a crazy amount of potential as a rapper yet he isn’t considered a “insert a top number” because he hasn’t had mainstream success even though he had the radio hit “Pump It Up.” The never meeting potential could be a reference to the time when Jay-Z was president of Def Jam and shelved Joey, blocking any form of success Joey could have achieved. Shit is crazy. And dope. At the same time.

The hook is dope too, giving an image that this “black cloud” follows Joey around even when he is in a happy place. It follows him to a point where he just wants to get away from it. He wishes to do so by grabbing a gun and shooting the cloud. By doing so, some light could appear through it and Joey will have brighter days.


“Normally it’s just me and my lonely mind, everyone’s storm is different so this forecast is only mine, fans recognize my misery uplifted me, shifted to my epitome, guess the curse is a gift to me”


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