Best of Joe Budden: #1 Whatever It Takes


Song: Whatever It Takes

Off of: Get Familiar Vol. 1: Maybe You Been Brainwashed

Year: 2005

Finally, we are at number one and what a song it is! “Whatever It Takes” is a song that definitely needs to be heard by hip hop fans because it is an amazing piece of art. It’s a song that has a rundown of topics including the recurring theme of depression, but he touches on other topics such as drug problems, issues with his son’s mother, dealing with some so called “friends”, record label problems, beef, receiving slack from his ‘hood, critics, interacting with fans via online, etc.

Whatever It Takes” is his masterpiece. It’s a song that deals with so much negativity that positivity comes out of it, it reliefs stress for Joe and gives his fans and listeners motivation and inspiration.

The hook alone is an example of that inspiration. “Whatever it takes, to find a way, to find a way, to find a way, I’ma do whatever it takes, to find a way, to find a way, to find a way…” Whatever your goal is you should find a way to achieve it, you shouldn’t let any obstacles that may come across your path stop you from reaching success.

Personally, Joey’s music, although looked upon as emotional, is very inspirational to me and I use it as motivation. This motivation comes from looking at his trials and tribulations as obstacles he overcame in order to reach success. And Joey’s had very difficult obstacles, depression and drug abuse being his two major obstacles. One might be the cause of the other. So, people might judge me for being a Joe Budden fan but they don’t know shit, they don’t know how ill and dope he really is and what he is capable of. They look at his success, as a factor of his talent but that shouldn’t be a factor, if it was, Flo Rida would be the G.O.A.T., and we all know that isn’t true!

(Joe’s voice) Now, let’s get back to the song.


A lot of people deal with it including Joey. Even the word looks horrific. He let’s us into his life and tells us about his depression. He lets us know that his depression dates back to ten year-old Joe, back in 1990, and throughout his life, Joe’s depression has been with him through the highs and lows. Joey personifies his depression by having a conversation with it like he had a conversation with God on “Pray For Me.” It’s mostly a one-way conversation with depression telling Joey that although he has tried to overcome his depression, he will still be there. Depression is the roommate Joe can’t seem to escape. During some of the highs of Joe’s career, it might have seem as if he overcame his depression, which results in his depression becoming confused because usually when someone is successful they aren’t depressed but not in this case. Nothing, not medication or therapy sessions can keep these two apart.

If you are a fan of real hip hop, underground rap, hip hop or just a fan of great music, “Whatever It Takes” is a song YOU HAVE TO HEAR!

I could keep writing about the song but time would be taken away from the opportunity to listen to it. “Whatever It Takes” is a beautiful piece of music that was crafted by one of the dopest emcees in hip hop, by a rapper that is often overlooked, often underrated, but who’s writing ability and range of topics is amazing. Sometimes you just have to sit back and appreciate a piece of music and ask, “How did someone come up with this?”

Whatever It Takes” is the best Joe Budden song ever, in my opinion. Songs like these don’t come around that often but when they do, they make an impact and remain timeless. So, in conclusion of this list, I want to say thank you Joe for all the dope music you have made and the inspiration you are to me, as well as a piece of motivation that pushes me to achieve my goals.




But…(hint: my man = depression)

“So I don’t write for my fans, nah, I write to my man, and hope that he’ll just leave and understand”


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