BONUS: Best of Joe Budden: Truth or Truth Part 1

Song: Truth or Truth Part 1

Off of: Slaughterhouse – On the House

Year: 2012


This song arguably could be the best Joe Budden song of all time. It is, at worse, at least in the top five, sorry “Dumb Out,” maybe top three, surpassing the most recent Joe Budden song on the list “Black Cloud.”

When “Truth or Truth part 1” came out in August I was blown away. I wasn’t expecting this much of a deep, personal record from Slaughterhouse but Joey stole the show, in my opinion.

The content in Joe’s verse is amazing, like damn, Joey is putting it ALL out there, giving us a very PERSONAL verse. He mentions his fans and how they want everything from him, not allowing him to live his life, disrupting him wherever they see him.

He brings up his baby mother and pours his heart out saying that he is glad she is there even though in the past, he wished she was dead. Yet, it took her getting extremely ill for him to realized how much he cared for her, whose name is Veronica (all this time I thought it was Angie). He mentions that the possibility of her passing away is one of his greatest fears because it would mean Joe would have custody of their son, Trey, and Joe doesn’t think he could be a good parent.

The most amazing and distinctive part of the verse is when Joe speaks about Trey. It was almost eye-watery. He spoke about a conversation he had with Trey in which he told Joe that he felt different. He said he felt weird but he didn’t care what anyone thought because he likes who he is, very similar to Joe, who doesn’t give a fuck about anyone’s opinion. This conversation showed Joe that his son is a strong-minded person and that he learned a very important trait from him, to not be afraid to be his own person despite what others thought.

Joe also spoke briefly about his current girlfriend Kaylin Garcia. He kept it short and said he wasn’t going to speak on their relationship because he didn’t want to relive the end results of his past relationship by publicly speaking on it.

Overall, Slaughterhouse gave us a jewel of a record. Everyone brought it, got personal, and left with the upmost respect and admiration from everyone. So, thank you for this dope record.

Lyrics at RapGenius


The whole song. In this part he’s speaking about Trey..

“Nigga, I look in the mirror disgustedly, so how am I supposed to feel the day that he looks up to me?”


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