Meet Unique

Name: Unique

Alias: Unique

Location: San Diego, CA

Type of street art: Graffiti

# of years doing it: ~ 2 years

Instagram handle: MsUniqueMac

Unique isn’t your typical graffiti artist.

First of all, she is a female in a male-dominated area. An issue with being a female in this male-dominated activity is that you aren’t what other artists’ intentions are: are they trying to hit on you or are the genuinely interested in your work. Second of all, she doesn’t use a moniker because she loves her unique name. (Get it?).

Also, Unique will only paint legally. She avoids any type of illegal activity because she doesn’t want to risk losing everything she has work hard for.  All of her 20+ pieces she has painted have been on legal walls with some at San Diego’s Writerz Blok.

For that reason she has receive some criticism from other artists in the graffiti scene. However, she just brushed them off and continues to do what she is passionate about.

Her love for graffiti dates back 17 years ago when she accompanied her older brothers during a graffiti session. However, she didn’t pick up a spray can until recently. With the easy accessibility of graffiti on the Internet and the increase mainstream exposure, Unique decided it was time to pursue her passion and show it on the canvas.

She credits a 2011 experience at a New York art gallery, 5pointz, for her emergence in the art scene. One day she went to visit 5pointz when she was offered a once in a lifetime opportunity. They asked her if she wanted to paint there and Unique couldn’t say no.

She went back home, bought some plywood and began practicing her creativity on plywood. A year and a half later, Unique is on flyers, in local art shows and displaying her art that she was once shy about. Under the guidance of her mentor Izze, she has been learning new techniques as well as been given opportunities to display her art in shows.

Unique is improving her graff skills and hushing her doubters/haters at the same time. Whether they like it or not, Unique will be apart of the San Diego art scene.

(Courtesy of Unique / Instagram)


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