Meet Blondy1

Name: Rhiannon

Alias: Blondy1

Location: San Diego, CA

Type of street art: Graffiti, stickers

# of years doing it: 2-3 years

Instagram handle: blondyone

It was another sunny day in San Diego. The weather was warm but not hot. Perfect weather to…paint!

Blondy was dressed in all black, a short-sleeve denim jacket with black Chucks and black sunglasses, not the typical uniform graffiti artists wear but she isn’t the typical artist. We met at Writerz Blok in San Diego, a popular yard filled with walls for artists.

I introduced myself and she introduced herself, at that moment I realized she was a friendly person. She smiled and lit up the yard like the sun had been doing all day. Blondy was fresh off a road trip from Seattle, stopping along the way in various cities to due some painting.

She found a wall and was ready to paint over it. She placed the paint roller into the pan and gave it few spins. She goes over a little area and gets paint on her. On her hands. On her arms. Some paint had splashed on one of her cheeks. I gave her a towel and she cleaned up. Now she definitely looked like an artist.

She began doing the outline of a piece that she said would be different from her usual ones.

Blondy’s love for art goes back to her childhood. Growing up she considered herself an awkward art child having taken a majority of art classes throughout her middle and high school days. However, not knowing that there was outlet to do her art, she focused on her career.

Fast-forward two or three years ago and Blondy is back. She slowly starts doing art, first with stickers and eventually moving towards graffiti. Both her boyfriend and Instagram are credited with her rejuvenated street art career. Instagram got her back in the scene by creating stickers and trading with fellow artists. Her cupcake stickers became popular with other artists. Soon she would take up graffiti after being inspired and influenced by her boyfriend, a fellow street artist. A wall was constructed in her backyard where she could practice, anytime, in her pajamas, if she wanted too.

She started doing graffiti legally because she didn’t want to risk her career or potential criminal charges. Her approach towards graffiti is dope. She has fun with it, enjoys what she does, and basically does her. I could tell, despite me standing there, she was enjoying herself and remained focused.

When she isn’t hitting walls and canvases, Blondy is working with at-risk children in an after-school program teaching them about art and other things. A job that she loves but that could tough at times. Her job takes up a majority of her time and energy that she isn’t able to spend as much time doing graffiti.

She is one of the few female graffiti artists in a male-dominated art world but still feels that others girls can do it and shouldn’t be afraid. She mentioned interacting with a young girl in Seattle during a graff session that wished she could do. Willing to help, she offered the girl a can and an invitation to paint with her but she refused. Blondy reiterated to her that she could do it if she wanted too.

Blondy finished the outline and began coloring her piece. It read “Blond,” an alternative version to her moniker Blondy1.

You could tell she was passionate not just about graffiti but about art. She took her time; sprayed over the black paint that it made me realized what she said earlier about now being the perfect time to do whatever you want.

I zoned out for a bit, and realized that she was right. We shouldn’t be afraid of doing what we are passionate about. If Blondy hadn’t taken her own advice and taken up graffiti she wouldn’t have had the opportunity to learn some things about herself.

I thanked Blondy for the interview and in my head, thanked Instagram for introducing me to another cool, dope person.

(Courtesy of Blondy / Instagram)


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