Meet Germy


Name: Kristen

Alias: Germy

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Type of street art: Stickers

# of years doing it: few months

Instagram handle: xgermyx

It seems like documenting your journey has became a thing to do. Camera crews follow artists, actors, athletes, etc. around for the day and documented their activities. This has become a common practice. Sports have followed athletes such as LeBron James around since his high school days where his games where nationally televised. Recently, an entrepreneur decided to document his life of rejection.

But documenting your own journey? into something new to them such as street art? It hasn’t been done, at least to my knowledge.

Step in Kristen aka Germy.

Germy is a 20 year-old that has decided to use Instagram to document her progress in street art. Having been inspired by 2011’s “Art in the Streets” exhibit at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art that featured Banksy and Shepard Fairey, she decided to jump head first into street art. The exhibit opened her eyes and gave a vivid reaction that it caused curiosity and interest.

A year later, in early 2012, Germy began creating stencils. She would eventually get into stickers. Her stickers are a variety, from hand drawn geisha women to stencils of childhood memories (Pokémon, Scooby Doo) to portraits(?) that resemble Germy herself.

Her motivation stems from the fact that she can create something that is genuine, creating from scratch and seeing it turn into something. The feeling Germy gets at the possibility of someone catching a glimpse of her sticker is enough motivation.

Germy’s not afraid of documenting her progress through street art, in fact her Instagram profile is welcoming. The cool thing about Germy is that she isn’t afraid of getting up. At times, she rides her bicycle around Los Angeles in order to get up. She refers to her time bicycling around Los Angeles as a time to explore even at odd hours of the night. The fact that she is a woman isn’t going to stop her from riding around Los Angeles at night or doing her art.

The rush from slapping your sticker onto something is exciting. Although she enjoys the creation of the stickers, the rush of choosing a location and slapping your sticker is an experience. When she explores parts of Los Angeles that she rarely visits, she goes all out and goes on a sticker spree.

Germy’s progress through Instagram shall be an interesting thing to watch especially since nothing like it has been done. Plus, the fact that she is unafraid of others shall be an dope thing to look out for as she continues documenting her art.

(Courtesy of Germy / Instagram)


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