Meet Stikki Peaches


Name: n/a

Alias: Stikki Peaches

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Type of street art: Wheatpaste

# of years doing it: 4 years

Instagram handle: stikki_peaches

What if art ruled the world!?

Nas and Lauryn Hill wondered what life would be like if they ruled the world, before that Kurtis Blow wished for a better world. Both songs had one purpose while indirectly reiterating Thomas More’s idea of a utopian society.

But what about art? What about something that could be considered a universal language?

This is where Stikki Peaches comes in

Stikki came up with the concept of “What If Art Ruled The World?” during a difficult time in his life and art helped him steer towards a better path. This path led to a world of less worries and less stress, a chance to get away from the world.

The main figure of the campaign is BatBond, a combination of Batman and James Bond with Batman’s head on Bond’s body. These characters although similar are different in the way the solve problems/fight crime. One is smooth and classy while the other is a bold, in-your-face protector. Both characters bring attention to themselves from their foes and society that could be seen as unwanted.

The “What If Art Ruled The World?” campaign is sort-of like Batman and James Bond’s actions: it helps create nversation. The use of BatBond, and other pop culture icons/characters, brings a sign of familiarity that creates an attraction towards the piece and ultimately, has them take a second and acknowledge it.

The reaction from the public is like a reward for Stikki. The public’s reactions and acknowledgement along with their comments and questions on Instagram give Stikki a smile on his face. The thought of having people take time out of their day to observe his art or take a photo is another bonus.

The ability to express themselves through art is an amazing thing. Using the world as a canvas and watching it withstand natural changes such as weather, decay, time, etc. is an incredible process. Having the world as your canvas is a good way to stumble upon other artists and art pieces that one wouldn’t have seen inside an art gallery.

Stikki’s work has made it across the world, having been placed in various Europe cities (Stockholm, Berlin, Paris London, etc), as well as Mexico and Canada etc.

(Courtesy of Stikki Peaches / Instagram)


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