Reminiscing over The Royal Rumble



WWE’s Royal Rumble is here. And I am excited for it. I have made it a tradition to watch wrestling from now until WrestleMania. I catch wrestling every now and then, throughout the year, when there is an interesting storyline as well. In honor of the WWE’s second biggest pay-per-view, I decided to re-watch some recent Royal Rumbles.

Reminiscing the 2008 Royal Rumble

Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy had a good match for the belt. The match had its moments: Orton hitting the back of his head unintentionally(?) on the barrier, Hardy’s highflying moves, but the finish was the best. Orton countered Hardy’s Twist of Fate and hit the RKO. A great finish to the match that received a good reaction from the crowd.

Now on to the Royal Rumble match. Undertaker and HBK started at 1 and 2, respectively. Who would’ve thought this would be foreshadowing their future feud? (WrestleMania 25/26) HBK eliminated ‘taker. Afterwards HBK gets eliminated and ends up at ‘taker’s feet, with ‘taker standing over him, “coincidental foreshadowing?” CM Punk got a nice pop from the crowd, so, did Mick Foley. Umaga came out and it makes me miss him, rest in peace. The Piper and Snuka spot was cool, you could see Punk enjoying it as the camera catches him smiling, probably the fanboy in him. Mr. Kennedy, why did you have to fuck up? You could’ve still been here. Also, fuck John Cena.

Reminiscing the 2009 Royal Rumble

Another good match by Jeff this time versus Edge. I didn’t expect his brother Matt to turn on him like that, but it gave a fresh storyline for both. It was good to see two hard working, dues-paid, wrestlers main eventing a pay-per-view.

One of the best Royal Rumbles, in my opinion, that I’ve seen. The RKO on Rey Mysterio was beautiful. The “surprise” entrance from RVD was predictable but cool. Santino being eliminated quickly was hilarious for the fact that his character is comical. I love the Legacy stable and was glad they reached the final four with Orton winning. *POSE*

Reminiscing the 2010 Royal Rumble

The highlight of the Rumble was CM Punk. Although he didn’t last long, he took his character to another level, it reminded me of Austin’s 1997 Royal Rumble but shorter. I felt they should’ve let him stay until they end. The other big storyline was HBK wanting another match with the Undertaker; to do so, he would have to win the Rumble. He failed but luckily we still got the match and an amazing match it was. I loved how Shawn superkick’d his longtime friend Triple H. Edge returning was a nice surprise, wasn’t mad when they let him win.

Reminiscing the 2011 Royal Rumble

John Morrison had a dope spot, where landed on the “wall” jumping towards the steps and returning to the ring. At this time, CM Punk was the leader of the Nexus stable and he was using them to potentially win the Rumble. The Chavo Guerrero tribute to his late-uncle Eddie was good; so, was the Booker T appearance. Diesel showed up, what-the-fuck man! Wack. I was happy with Alberto Del Rio winning, nice finish. Ha!

Reminiscing the 2012 Royal Rumble

This Royal Rumble was full of some surprises including the participation of Road Dogg, Booker T and Jerry the King Lawler but it was dull. It wasn’t as good to watch as the others. The only dope spots were the Kofi Kingston handstand to avoid elimination, Mr. Socko vs. Santino’s cobra and the Ricardo bit.


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