Pusha T-Wrath of Caine Review



Pusha decided to cook up a prelude to his major label debut, My Name is My Name. Since going solo, Pusha has delivered some quality mixtapes and EPs including the dope Fear of God. The mixtape is solid, much like his catalog, both solo and with The Clipse.

The reggae-inspired tracks accompany Pusha and his drug raps well. “Intro,” “Blocka,” “Trust You” and “Take My Life” all have that reggae feel/influence. Hopefully more of this combination is in the future.

The mixtape starts off with a bang, where Pusha gives us an intro with raps and no hook. Two of the next three songs were released as singles. First, the Kanye West and Southside produced “Millions” featuring Rick Ross is dope. Ross gives a quality guest verse, but that’s expected. The hook is nuts. It makes me want to go ape shit.

*Grabs choppa’

Meanwhile, the Young Chop produced “Blocka” is a certified banger. Between “Millions” and “Blocka” the mixtape is already dope, in my opinion. “Blocka” has that reggae feel that I mentioned earlier, mostly because of the hook. Also, the song’s video gives supporting evidence. It gives you that feeling of being in Jamaica.

*Sprays choppa’

Finally, we get a reunion between The Neptunes and King Push. “Revolution” is short but it shows the chemistry The Neptunes and The Clipse have. The Neptunes and The Clipse go hand-and-hand like French fries and ketchup. You can eat them without ketchup and it will still be delicious but together they are amazing.

Two other dope songs follow one another. “Trust You” and “Take My Life“ are bangers.

Trust You” has a hook made for your ride-or-die girl, a girl that you can trust, a girl that you can trust with your drugs and money, as the hook says. Is that too rare to find nowadays? Moreover, this track is dope, an ode to my future girl.

Take My Life” is another track with a reggae-influenced beat. The beat, produced by Jake One, who finally is receiving some mainstream recognition that he deserves, is dope. For some reason, the woman singing the hook reminds me of Lauryn Hill.

It was cool to give Liva, a member of the Re-Up Gang, a solo verse/track. Hopefully, Long Live the ‘Caine is still in the works.

The only setback to this mixtape was the auto tuned French Montana hook on “Doesn’t Matter.” The issue is more with it being auto tuned than anything else. I thought it could’ve been removed.

Overall, solid mixtape release by Pusha, I definitely will be listening to this at the end of the year as one of the year’s best.

If I had to rate Wrath of Caine, I would give it 4 out of 5 stars.


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