Mobstr is an interesting artist. Rather than simply depicting images, he stencils words and phrases. I haven’t seen his work physically but thanks to Vandalog, I now can.

His pieces are witty, ironic and brilliant to say the least.

His series of progression art works are simple, yet dope. In a progression piece, he creates a small story by placing an image or words onto a public area. It later gets buffed and Mobstr responds to his work being buffed by continuing the story.

In one example, he seems to be having a conversation with the person buffing over his artwork. He begins the conversation by asking if a specific shade of grey is acceptable for street art/his work. It gets buffed over. Mobstr continues by asking the same question but with a different shade of grey. It gets buffed over, again. He does it one more time and gets the same result. He concludes by using the color black with “I give up” included. The person buffing his work is probably annoyed. Score one for Mobstr.

In a recent post on Vandalog, Mobstr painted a wall in London. This time, he was going to tell us a “story” about a wall and the progression it achieves as it gets buffed. Mobstr would paint a sentence in this “story” and someone would buff over it. These exchanges would occur several times. It would conclude with “the end“ but that too got buffed.

I’m still new to Mobstr’s work but it has made a great impression. His work is dope.

Check out the links below to view Vandalog’s posts on Mobstr as well as Mobstr’s website.

“Acceptable Shade of Grey” at Vandalog

“The Story” at Vandalog

More street art at Mobstr’s website

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