Joe Budden – Joe Budden: 10 Year Anniversary — Final Thoughts


Overall, Joe Budden’s debut album was a good start to his career. Although it was deemed a mainstream flop by the industry, it led to an interesting career path for Joe. Besides the weak tracks, “Porno Star,” “Ma Ma Ma” and “She Wanna Know,” Joe delivered a good album. The tracks “10 Mins,” “Calm Down” and “Walk With Me” get all the praise as they are the quintessential Joe Budden records, filled with lyrics, emotions and amazing subject matter, meanwhile, “Real Life in Rap” and “Survivor” get overlooked. These two tracks are dope too.

After the album was released, Joe probably had an idea of what his career would be like. Record and release a second album to continue the growth, pun intended, and this time getting more personal. Continue the cycle until he met the contractual agreed amount of albums.

Like life, his career took a different route. He was shelved on Def Jam for years, speculating a Jay-Z grudge against Joe. His planned “The Growth” album was never released, upsetting his fans but Joe continued to supply the streets with freestyles, songs and mixtapes.

Thanks to Def Jam shelving Joe, we received a depressed Joe and an angry Joe who delivered the incredible “Whatever It Takes” and the amazing and classic “Mood Muzik 2.” He followed latter with another amazing and classic mixtape, “Mood Muzik 3,” that gave us the gems “Long Way To Go” and “All of Me.” His career progressed as the years went on giving us more music in shapes of mixtapes and albums. Also, while his career laid in the balance, he formed the mega group Slaughterhouse, combining four lyricists into one machine.

Joe’s life has changed since his debut but it foreshadowed what we were in store for: a rapper who put his heart on his sleeve, shared everything with his fans, wasn’t afraid to get personal, talk about depression, a real artist.

“Joe Budden” was the start of one of the greatest rappers of all time.


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