Hanksy’s Los Angeles Show


The Hanksy show was dope! Hanksy is a different type of artist, he isn’t afraid to crack a joke. He doesn’t inscribe political messages in his artwork like others, but that doesn’t make him inferior to those that do.

Hanksy’s puns are clever. It starts with his name, taking, arguably, the best-known street artist’s name and flipping it into a name for himself. Also, having a crush an obsession with Tom Hanks is hilarious.

Although I missed the open reception, it was a gallery I still wanted to see. Nothing compares to the opening of a new street art gallery because it’s filled with other street art aficionados who often bring their own work to display and post in the surrounding areas.

It was the last day of the show. I headed up the 101 North to Melrose. I JUST made it. The gallery was empty except for the cute art girl behind the desk. I looked around and took in Hanksy’s work.

I had seen some of the exhibit’s artwork before, but it was better in person. The artwork was dope. Hanksy had taken many celebrities and created a pun out of them. Celebrities included Leonardo DiCaprio, Nicolas Cage, Brad Pitt, Jamie Foxx, Christian Bale and Ellen DeGeneres, among others. Tom Hanks had several pieces dedicated to him, including several stencils of Hanks’ face plastered on the wall.

Outside the gallery, a previously wheatpasted Hanksy piece had been destroyed. It looked like someone ripped it off. They were able to successful rip most of it except Weird Al’s head/face.

That’s kind of fucked up, disrespecting Hanksy near his art showing. Artists, if it was an artist, that tore down the piece, shouldn’t hate on one another, they should support each other as everyone is on the same side, trying to express him or herself through art.




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