Jay-Z Tweets


On Monday, Jay-Z took to Twitter to really take advantage of the social media powerhouse. From noon to late afternoon, Hov was answering questions from his followers. These questions range from simple to intriguing. Some fans asked for a shout out/a reply, but others asked some questions.

There was a piece of everything during the Twitter session. From funny tweets to acknowledging a begging fan to providing wisdom and advice to responding to questions about his career and music, we got a slight glimpse of his perspective.

Hov even answered comedian Aziz Ansari. Twice.

Also, he went out of his way to look for Ab-Soul’s Twitter to give him props, which caused Ab to response gratefully.

He would sign off his tweets with his signature laugh, which I thought was clever and distinctive.

Stuff like this and the release of his album exclusively in a specific way are reasons why Jay-Z is the greatest rapper of all time. And I’ve been saying this since 2003!

Here are some of Jay-Z’s tweets that I favorite because they were interesting and provided some dope information/perspective of the man, the myth, the legend.

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