The Art of: Graffiti

Ovation TV debuted this short documentary last week. I was lucky enough to catch it. The episode featured street artists Man One, Doner and Sand One.

Man One talked about how street art/graffiti is a culture. There are crews. It has rules and a code of ethics. You start at the bottom and work your way up. You paint trucks and other stuff first then move up the metaphorical ladder as you work you’re way to getting paid to do a piece.

In his segment, Man One refers to himself as a colorist. His work often contains portraits with many different colors. He mentioned his process when creating a piece. A process that is complex.

He first begins by doing multiple tags on a canvas in different styles. He then buffs over some of those tags. He continues doing more layers of this to create a surface. He mentions that the surface adds depth to the piece giving it a street look. Afterwards, he begins working on the final product.

He talked about the mural moratorium in Los Angeles, where it is illegal to paint a mural. He brings up the fact that many people appreciate a mural for its colors, concept and presence, yet those against street art believe it brings property value down. Man One points out the plainness of the L.A. river and how it would be better off with murals. The L.A. river has sixty miles of dull concrete. Imagine a bunch of Saber’s old piece. That would bring some life to it.

Joe Connolly is featured. Fuck this dude. More on this dude here.

There was a brief moment where he was taking a picture of a Hanksy piece that was half-buffed. Did he buff over it?

Doner briefly talked about his come-up mentioning that he began hitting buses with a partner/fellow artist before hitting freeway signs such as the 10-East.

A friend of Doner, Sand One talked about her type of street art that features female characters with larger than life eyes, eyelashes, lips, etc.

Overall, it was a dope program. It was nice off Ovation TV to give the street art culture and community some exposure to the world.


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