Step Brothers (Evidence and Alchemist) Live at The Roxy


They kicked off the show by coming out to separately. Ev came out and did “Heavy Surveillance” while Alchemist came out to “We Gonna Make It.” The show had started. They began the Step Brothers act with “James Hendrix,” which had the crowd rocking.

They ran through a set list of “Just Step,” “Letyourselfgo,” “Calmly Smoke,” “The Red Carpet,” “Chase The Clouds Away,” “Mr. Slow Flow” and “You” before ending the night with my favorite track from the duo, “So Fresh.”

Ev killed the mic when he was rapping. He bragged on the mic and said he didn’t have to rap the verses off “Mr. Slow Flow” because the crowd always does. When the beat dropped, that’s exactly what happen, the crowd started rapping the verses. Except for one hiccup, the crowd was hyped, as they rapped word-for-word all three verses. That shit was dope to watch. It was a beautiful thing to watch as hundreds of fans let Evidence know they fuck with him.

During “You,” Ev does what he always does, switches the beat of the second verse and third verse to “Full Clip” and “Boom,” respectively, which caused the crowd to go nuts. I always bob my head a little bit harder when “Boom” comes on. It’s such a classic record. The crowd loves “You” as everyone was into it including this girl next to me who was dancing and feeling it during the performance.

Surprisingly, Evidence gave the crowd a gift as he performed his verse off “Bitch I Deserve You” for the first time, which caused some fans to ponder what he was performing.

Ev and Al weren’t alone they brought friends!

Al started it off by bringing fellow Oxnard resident and Gangrene member Oh No out to performed “Vodka and Ayahuasca.” I went nuts when he came out. I have to show a fellow 805’er support. He would later bring out Big Twinz to performed “Hold You Down.”

Fashawn was brought out and he performed “The Far Left” with Ev and Al and “Wassup Wassup” with Gangrene and Ev. Afterwards, he and Ev performed “Same Folks,” the bonus cut off “Cats & Dogs.”

They later brought the rest of Dilated Peoples to performed “Back Again” and “Worst Comes to Worst.” The crowd was gone during the set, everyone was either bobbing their head because everyone loves “Worst Comes to Worst.”

They performed several new songs off the upcoming “Lord Steppington” album including one that was inspired by A Tribe Called Quest members Q-Tip and Phife Dawg. They had another song that was ill with a beat that was insane. I wasn’t able to catch some of the lyrics but that beat was memorable (check second video below for both). The standout track for the upcoming album was the following.

The hook is ill, it goes somewhat like, “we came here to blow your miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnddddddddddd!!!” That shit was dope, the crowd loved it and went crazy. I’m thinking the “blow your mind” part is a play on the frequent marijuana use from both rappers, shrugs.

Overall, the show was bananas, the only downside to the show was that they performed for an hour. The crowd was great, the special guests were good and Ev and Al’s energy was unmatchable. I’ve seen Evidence performed a bunch of times and as Step Brothers twice and they always perform with crazy energy. They get the crowd to participate and feed off the energy we give them. It’s crazy to be there. Their shows are always dope and fun to be at. I’m glad I was able to make it at the very last minute.


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