Cept and Thank You X “Mind In Transit” Art Show


The show was cool. It was at the Known Gallery on Fairfax Ave. Other artists featured in the show included Remio and Duel RIS.

I discovered Thank You X a couple months ago when I caught him randomly on a show called “Café Racer.” I’m glad I caught it because I like finding new, well new to me, artists.

Cept, an English artist, delivered some dope art for the show especially the first two pieces you see of his when you walk in. One has a familiar look where it has an adult taking/leading a child somewhere. However, this child is wearing an Optimus Prime helmet. Dope! I’m a fan of Transformers, so, of course, I was drawn to it. The other one is of a man with a motorcycle helmet and his helmet has a woman from an earlier era, an angel(?) and some stars. It looks dope.

Cept also had some comic book-inspired artwork that included Flash.

Meanwhile, a lot of Thank You X’s art featured Andy Warhol.

Here are a couple of my favorite pieces from the show and links to more photos from it.




(Cept and Thank You X collabo??)


(Thank You X)


(Thank You X)






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