Joe Budden – Lost Control (Kendrick Lamar Response)

The God responded!!! Well, sort of.

At the beginning of the song, Joe says, “this is for hip-hop” telling us it’s not a diss song. It’s more of a display of his rap skills and show he can “compete” with Kendrick. And much like a competition, the competitors will talk shit to one another. Joe doesn’t disrespect Kendrick, like disses usually are, but he does take jabs at him.

However, the same couldn’t be said for other rappers. Joe takes shots at a few rappers Kendrick mention in his verse such as ASAP Rocky, Jay Electronica, Tyler the Creator and Meek Millz. Joey Badass gets a piece as well.

Joey Badass was a victim of simple, yet great wordplay by Joe, who said he’s the only Joey that’s badass.


ASAP Rocky got the worse from him. Joe basically implied that ASAP is a wack emcee and that Kendrick out rapping Rocky is what he’s suppose to do. Kendrick and Rocky are on two different levels with Kendrick being the superior. Therefore, the fact that Kendrick mentioned ASAP in the original song puzzles Joe because he doesn’t see ASAP as a real threat or competition.

Another dude on Joe’s hit list was Jay Elec. Among the hip-hop community and Internet, Jay Elec is look upon as a dope emcee. Although he’s only released a limited amount of material, people praise him to be one of today’s best. Even Hov caught on to the Jay Elec bug and signed him to Roc Nation.

I believe Joe fucks with him but he believes he is still a better rapper. That’s why he takes a shot at him, also, because mentioned him. His shot at Jay Elec was the most direct, “light Jay Elec’s ass, that’s my ‘Exhibit A’.” In the courtroom, when you are presenting evidence to support your case, the first piece of evidence is called exhibit A, followed by the rest of the alphabet as you present more information. Also, “Exhibit A” is a track by Jay Elec.

Since everyone is saying how dope Jay Elec is, Joe declares he could light him up, rapping-wise, implying that he is a better rapper, in case people don’t know or forgot.

Meek Millz gets called a low tier rapper. Plus, gets told to “quiet down.”


Meek is known for yelling on tracks.

Joe feels like the list Kendrick named are part of the lower tier of rappers that shouldn’t get the honor of competing for the “rap-belt.” He already took a shot at ASAP and Jay, but he also believes Meek shouldn’t be on it, even quoting a bar from Meek’s song “Levels,” “it’s levels to this shit” meaning there’s levels of rappers/rap skill. Meek just happens to be below Joe, who’s in the upper tiers.

Joe does take some jabs at Kendrick. The biggest one that stood out was when Joe said Drake “washed” Kendrick twice, aka he out rapped Kendrick. I’m assuming he meant on Kendrick’s “Poetic Justice” and ASAP Rocky’s “Fuckin’ Problems.”

That has to hurt because how can you claim to get the best or the king of east coast but have a potential foe who out rapped you? Especially if it’s a dude that also sings. When has there been a discussion where the quote-unquote “King” was destroyed on a track? “Renegade” is an example but Jay-Z was killed by arguably the best, Eminem. You just can’t, unless it’s like the Jay-Z and Eminem situation, where both rappers are looked upon to be the best/greatest of all time.

No one has ever said, “Oh shit, Tupac got murdered on this track” or “Biggie’s verse was wack compared to so-and-so.” I haven’t. Maybe I’m reaching but who cares. Kendrick should be killing his guest spots. Just because he’s bringing “lyrics” back doesn’t mean he won’t get murdered on wax.

Other jabs included Joe’s theory of Kendrick’s lack of quotables. Every rapper has songs where they say some ill or slick shit, that fans quote but to Joe, Kendrick seems to have none or very few. The same can’t be said for Joe as he has had many in the past and some in this track.

Overall, Joe provide the best response out of the many rappers who responded including his Slaughterhouse compadre, Joell Ortiz. This is a prime example of why I am a fan of Joey, he isn’t afraid of anyone, just look at his history of beef in hip-hop. Plus, he can rap his ass off!

Anyways, Joey showed the world that he still has it and can rap. Something that his core fan base already knew. What’s scary is that Joe says that this verse is lightweight. These crazy amount of bars are just a warm-up, it’s nothing to him. Imagine if he would’ve gone harder than he did.



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