An Ode to Alchemist: Chemistry 103


In the third part of my Ode to Alchemist series, I highlight some hard hitting as well as some smooth, easy to chill to, beats.

B.o.B. – Gladiators feat. J. Cole (2010)

This beat is cinematic, gladiator-like. What a fitting title Bobby Ray gave it. He must’ve heard the beat and pictured the Roman Empire’s Coliseum. Perfect for someone’s entrance into battle.

The drums, the synths, the piano, the kick, it all intertwines perfectly. Somehow Alchemist mastered the way to create an Coliseum-like atmosphere on a beat.

Evidence – The Far Left feat. The Alchemist and Fashawn (2008)

This beat knocks. If you have any type of system in your car, you should play this, very loud, to test if your shit is weak and can handle those drums. Nothing more you can say, other than see/hear for yourself.

Fabolous – Lullaby (2010)

A very dark beat with some hard-hitting drums. The beat is so sharp, that it mimics an actual lullaby, one that would be sang to a child. I wonder what inspired Alchemist during the process of making this beat. The sample (I think) was a good find; maybe that’s what inspired him. The scratches used on the hook is a perfect touch to it.

Also, Alchemist gave this beat a cinematic feel to it too. It sounds like it could fit a thriller or horror film. I think it’s the violin that gives it that eerie but dope feeling.

Currensy – Double 07 (2011)

It’s such as dope beat. Those rolling drums that end with the crashing cymbals are fucking ill! As soon as the cymbals crash, a few simple keys from a piano are added giving it a funky sound. The scattering guitar riffs throughout the track and the solo at the end is fucking beautiful.

That Ice Cube “fuck all y’all” sample from his N.W.A. diss record “No Vaseline” is a great touch to this slow, low BPM, bass thumping beat. Also, the Robbin Thompson Band “Brite Eyes” sample at the beginning is a nice surprise, it’s different but it works.

Dilated Peoples – For The Record (2004)

Yo, this shit is fucking dope. It so smooth. The drums are hard hitting and the kick is a great complement. Al always seems to match the perfect drums with an equal kick. Props my dude. This beat just screams “underground rap.”

The way Al flipped the Christine McVie “No Road Is The Right Road” sample is ill. He sampled the horns and the piano and made it an integral part of the record. Al even sampled the female vocalist’s humming. It’s dope.

Mobb Deep – Gang Bang (2005) / Tony Yayo – Gunz is Razors (2006)

Both rapped on the same beat and it’s hard to tell whom Al originally gave the beat to. Those drums are fucking dope. They’re hard hitting like that counter-punch from Carlos Condit onto Dan Hardy’s chin.

He samples “Sir Lancelot and The Black Knight” by Rick Wakeman, I know what the fuck? This record has a full orchestra. He took the strings and cymbal crash and slowed it down to make it the basis of his beat. And it came out dope.


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