An Ode to Alchemist: Chemistry 105


(Photo credit to: @alanthechemist on Instagram)

Today was supposed to be the release date of the Step Brothers album, “Lord Steppington.” However, it got pushed back to later January. To honor the original date, I thought I’d post the fifth part in this series. This time I highlighted some guitar-heavy beats.

Action Bronson – The Symbol (2012)

This guitar-driven beat is a banger. The riffs and the guitar solo at the end are dope. Those riffs were sampled from UFO’s “Flying,” an English heavy metal band from the ‘70s. Although the first thing noticeable are the guitar riffs, I feel like the strums from the bass guitar we hear in the background brings a balance to the track. A dope complement to those tremendous riffs.

Currensy – Life Instructions feat. Smoke DZA (2011)

It’s such a stoner’s beat that easily could be April 20’s theme song. Alchemist laced Currensy, again, and again, with another slow tempo banger. If you roll up, have this playing in the background.

Alchemist sampled Czech rock band M.Efekt’s dope guitar sequence on “Triatricet” and gave it its own platform. On “Triatricet,” the guitar riffs sort-of get lost, as it’s trapped in the middle of a very long song. He gives the riff its own leg to stand on by highlighting it and making it the basis of this beat.

The Alchemist – We Got This (2006) / Mobb Deep – We Got This (2005) feat. The Alchemist

One of the reasons why this song stands out is because it reminds me of the Mexican children’s television show, “El Chavo del Ocho,” a staple in many, Hispanics’ childhood.

Alchemist grabbed Cerrone’s “Rocket in The Pocket” and sampled it. That indescribable sound is what’s sampled and it’s dope. I can’t even tell you what it is. It sort-of resembles a hopping sound. Moreover, every time I hear that sound, it reminds me of the theme song of “El Chavo.” Both seem similar, as they have that hopping-like sound. That combined with those fast, hard-hitting drums make it a banger.

Gangrene – Sewer Gravy feat. Roc Marciano (2011)

A smooth-yet-frightening beat. Taking a Johnny Griffith Inc’s “Grand Central Shuffle,” and slowing it down, was a smart idea by Alchemist. In it’s normal form, the sample is very compelling. Its up-tempo allows the listener to picture something out of an ‘80s movie. It creates a picture of a protagonist walking strutting down the street.

Alchemist flipped the up-tempo feel of it and made it feel eerie. It felt like it belong in a movie, preferably an undesirable scene where the antagonist is antagonizing. The menacing laugh in the background amplifies this feeling. Combined with everything, its dope.

Prodigy – Keep It Thoro (2001)


The fact that Alchemist sampled Jack Mayborn’s “Disco People,” which by the way is amazing in itself, and made it the base of this beat is dope. The sample he took had a minimalistic feel to it; it was simple, which make it great. He sprinkled a sped-up moan from Millie Jackson’s “There You Are,” to add some depth to the minimalism. He included some drums and some horns that I personally love, and a simple-yet-ill track was created.


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