An Ode To Alchemist: Chemistry 106


(Ill photo by Jason Goldwatch )

Rick Ross – Perfectionist feat. Meek Mill (2011)

Alchemist gave Ross a smooth-yet-simple beat featuring a funky sample from Carl Davis and The Chi-Sound Orchestra. The sample is taken from their song, “Show Me The Way To Love,” where Alchemist grabbed the opening sequence of the track and used its foundation.

He prepared it like a chef. He took the opening sequence of the sample that includes a few plucks from a sitar(?) and its scattering piano keys, sped those elements a bit, incorporated some rolling-like drums, and voila, perfection!

The Alchemist – Yacht Rock Side A feat. Action Bronson, Roc Marciano and Oh No (2012)

I covered one, so, it was only a matter of time before the other part too. The recent surge of soft-rock inspired beats Alchemist has produced are ill.

The opening saxophone is a killer. It’s dope. He stuffed six different beats into one long masterpiece. He took three different ill samples including a slowed-down guitar riff from Bandits of Love’s “Deixa” and a guitar-driven-whistle-included section from Teo Macero’s “Struggle Is My Name.” He stirred everything into a pot like the chemist he is, pun intended, and out came the six individual bangers correlated into one amazing piece of work.

The Alchemist – It’s Gon’ Pop feat. Evidence and Joe Scudda (2006)

The beat is something special. It features six different samples, and all of their elements are intertwined including vocals from James Brown and Rakim. Furthermore, these vocals samples are simply background noise to the rest of the beat.

Alchemist sampled James Brown twice, this time he took the drums from “Funky Drummer.”. He added, to the drums, an amazing Bollywood film sample that is insane (bell-like(?) sound). Moreover, before hitting us with the drums, he blessed us with an ill drum solo sample from Funkadelic’s “Good Old Music,” as a warm up.

Mobb Deep – Tight (2008) / Lloyd Banks – Love and Hate (2008) 

This beat is different. 

It’s a combination of a smooth-soothing beat and a head-knocking one. The drums are hard-hitting giving off that street, gritty, grimy, New York City-type feel that Alchemist has mastered throughout the years but it is balanced with those mind-altering flutes and blazing horns. Also, he found the perfect kick to complement those hard-hitting drums, without it, I don’t think the drums would give off that same NYC-feel. All these elements blended together created such a dope beat.

Dilated Peoples – Marathon (2004)

As usual, he laced Dilated with a dope beat. Taking a guitar riff from Rudy Love & The Love Family’s “Come Back Home,” Alchemist sped it up and made it the most distinguish part of the beat. The tweaking Alchemist did to the sample is incredible, he make it inevitable for the listener not to like. It’s funky! That, plus that clap and riveting drums, make it dope!

Also, he sampled the opening of Eric B and Rakim’s legendary, “Eric B for President.” Those vocals are perfect because it fits well, it goes hand-and-hand with the clap Alchemist included.


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