Meet What Have You Done


A dope thing about the artist known as What Have You Done is that he enjoys anonymity. He doesn’t want the recognition that comes with getting up, if he did, he said, he would’ve chosen an actual moniker. He simply wants to bring attention to the question. He wants to make you think.  

Name: AB

Alias: What have you done?

Location: Arizona

Type of street art: Sticker bombing

# of years doing it: 3

Instagram: @whathaveyoudone

What is the inspiration behind using the thought-provoking phrase “what have you done?”

Before I started using it, I was going through some things in my life that made me realize the fact that one person’s actions can cause a ripple effect to many others. So, I use it in hope that people can reflect on their actions.

Do you want to inspire others when they see your sticker, have them ponder over where they are in life?

I just want people to stop for a second [and] think about their life in any way, most are on a autopilot routine, just trying to get through it and I feel that’s a waste.


I think if you would ask several people the question “what have you done,” their answer would resemble one of your slaps. Thoughts?

I drew that character for that reason. Most people don’t know how to answer.

When I hear that question I struggle with my answer. On one hand, I can say I made my parents somewhat proud by receiving a degree from a university and avoided a life that old neighborhood kids went towards. But have I really done something? What’s your response when you hear “what have you done?

That is really the purpose of the question, not for the answer, but the process of what the question makes you think of to try and respond to it.


What’s the story behind the sticker with the dude shrugging his shoulders? Sort-of reminds me of Kanye’s shrug.

That sticker is the freeze frame of what I think I looked like anytime I’ve been caught unexpectedly.


And what made you choose Bartman? 

I call the Bartman sticker “Mischievous Youth.” I grew up watching “The Simpsons” and Bart always got into trouble, but there were never any severe punishments for his actions.

Besides stickers, do you do any other type of street art? I saw a few photos were you displayed your tag.

Stickers are my favorite and main way of getting up, but I have used other means here and there. I do like the drippy look of a nice mop tag.

I noticed you got up near a hot air balloon field. What is the proudest location you’ve placed a sticker? Ever have any difficulties trying to get up somewhere?

I don’t know if I have a proudest location, I am just proud of the growing number of locations and how random they have been. I never had any difficulties on trying to get a spot, but I don’t really try to get too inventive with where I get up.

Who are some of your inspirations in street art and beyond? Favorite artists?

My inspirations and favorite artists have always been the unknown street art pieces and artists who remain anonymous, they intrigue me. That’s why I didn’t choose a name, just a question.

Thanks man, I appreciate it.


(Photos credit: What Have You Done’s Instagram)


4 thoughts on “Meet What Have You Done”

  1. This is extremely amazing & inspiring! I am a true, unconditionally dedicated follower & believer of “What Have You Done!” So this really makes me happy!!!

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