DJ Whoo Kid – G-Unit Radio Part 2


DJ Whoo Kid – G-Unit Radio Part 2: International Ballers

Back at it with the second installment in this legendary series, this time 50 Cent and Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo was incarcerated, handle most of the mixtape and tell us they’ve been around the world.

The intro from 50 is dope. He recalls his mother telling him if he was going to be something, to be the best at it.

50 listened to her, but its 50, spun it.

He said, “I just figured out what I want to be. I wanna be a bad guy.” He laughed devilishly and continued, “I‘m gonna be the best fucking bad guy you’ve seen so far. I just want you to know that I liked it, when you say I’m the bad guy.” He would go on and bully the rap game for the next few years, antagonizing and shitting on people.

The mixtape consist of mostly audio from 50’s set at Hot 97’s Summer Jam in 2003. During his set, he made sure to diss the fuck out of Ja Rule. He played some audio of Ja’s songs and proceeded to shit on him. 50 presented his case that Ja was a “bitch ass nigga” by citing his music, specifically “Rainy Dayz” and “I Cry” and how they’re more R&B than hip-hop. Some funny shit from 50.

The live set from Summer Jam was cool. I liked how you could hear the crowd screaming. You could hear the women screaming at 50 and Banks, who was playing the role of hype man, during “21 Questions.” At the end of the set, Banks gets on the microphone and announces that Young Buck was the newest member of the Unit, which was a surprise to me because I thought he was a member pre-“Get Rich or Die Tryin’,” around late 2002.

A highlight from the mixtape was ”Get High” by 50. He grabbed Talib’s “Get By” and dissed Ja and Irv, calling them a monkey and donkey, respectfully. Plus, he made it clear that he would “leave a hole in you bigger than Biggie.” WHOA!

The shit talking at the end is signature 50. He nicknamed himself the “Murder Inc Killa,” foreshadowing the future. Then, he proceeded to make fun of Ja’s singing and how his concerts resemble a karaoke show.

Nobody was safe.

He dissed Ashanti too. He said she looked like she was struggling, which can be interpreted as Ashanti looking rather sluggish/ugly; however, he offered a solution. He told her, if she needed to, he would help her make another condom commercial. Haha, 50’s a fool. (NOTE: I was unable to find said commercial.)

Also, it was interesting to hear “Get That Money,” minus Stat Quo, over the “Like a Pimp” beat. Banks kills his verse. I use to fuck with Stat heavily when he was on Shady but not so much now. I missed dude and records like this.


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