DJ Whoo Kid – G-Unit Radio Part 4


DJ Whoo Kid and 50 Cent – G-Unit Radio Part 4 (No Peace Talks)

This mixtape consisted of songs that would later be found on their debut album, “Beg For Mercy.” “Eye For Eye,” “G’d Up” and “Groupie Love” made the album’s final cut.

Banks easily stood out. No wonder he was a mixtape phenomenon.

He attacks DMX’s “Shot Down” instrumental on “No Peace Talks” before hitting us with the cocky, no, bragging, “Mutha Fuckin’ Star.” Here, Banks raps over Tupac’s and Notorious B.I.G.’s post-life collaboration “Runnin’” and hits us with some dope punchlines. This song contains one of my favorite punchlines from him: “you smell that n—-, I just shitted on you.” The first time I heard it, and every other time, I let off a Ric Flair “woooooo.”

Also, I loved a bar he says before the “shitted” line. He says, “the kid is out for the Justo and I love to win.” The Justo meant something to rappers and DJs on the mixtape scene, why else did 50 Cent campaign for Whoo Kid on the previous mixtape? Banks wants to win the prestigious award. He wants to be acknowledged by his peers as that year’s top rapper.

Fifty continued his onslaught on Ja Rule by talking, not rapping, shit over Ja’s “Clap Back” instrumental. We get some history context about their beef at the end of his “Lucifer” freestyle, “Chase You Outta Here.” At the end of the track, we hear Ja’s voice from an interview. The interviewer asks Ja if there had been any physical altercations between the two. He tells the interviewer they’ve fought in Atlanta and New York City. In NYC, 50 “snuffed” him. The man 50 takes care of business.

Plus, he reiterates his pimp-ish ways by reminding us about his conquest of the lovely Vivica A. Fox on “Chase You Outta Here.” My man 50 was on top of the world back then.


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