DJ Whoo Kid – G-Unit Radio Part 5


DJ Whoo Kid – G-Unit Radio Part 5: All Eyes on Us

Finally, the Unit comes with it.

They came together and hit us with that posse cut that I enjoy. It was 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck and The Game. Tony Yayo was absent because he was in prison. Yayo would make his presence known by freestyling via cell phone as he left prison. They borrowed a couple Anthony Hamilton songs, “Since I Seen’t You” and “Coming From Where I’m From,” and a Cee-Lo track and gave us dope tracks.

“I’m So Sorry” and “Bout My Money” are cool posse cuts. Banks hits us with a punchline that describes exactly how good of a rapper he is, “with a snap of the finger, I’ll make you crippled, I came up with this shit on the shitter.” Banks is telling us how easy rap is for him. He comes up with raps at spontaneous times, even at our most private moment.

However, “Where I’m From” stood out for me. Each rapper, except 50, who is on hook-duty, spoke about their neighborhood and city. From Banks’ tale of the grittiness and cold-hearted world of New York City to Buck’s tale of survival in Nashville, Tennessee to Game’s description of the Los Angeles culture, it’s a glimpse into their worlds. It’s chilling, especially that hook 50 provides, reminding us how difficult it is growing up in the ‘hood.

Remember when I said that on the DJ would rename the song? I hate that. It’s a pet peeve of mine. I don’t want to come across a song then find out it actually another song, what-the-fuck-man. Well, this mixtape is a prime example. The Eminem “Exclusive” is not a really an exclusive. In fact, it’s actually D12’s “6 in the Morning,” which later appeared on their sophomore album, “D12 World.” Other songs that were mislabeled were the first freestyle from Game and the Olivia and G-Unit track. The former is actually Game’s “100 Bars and Runnin’,” while the latter would later be found on the Barbershop 2 soundtrack as “Unconditionally.”

I actually fuck with “Unconditionally.” It’s different from their other stuff but I like the track. The beat’s trumpet/saxophone(?) during the chorus is ill, so, is that sample. Plus Banks’ verse was enjoyable, very pimp-ish of him, “shorty, look at my necklace, I don’t sell dreams, I sell records.” Banks told ol’ girl how it is. In fact, 50, Buck and Banks all sort-of killed it.

Another thing I dislike is when a song has the wrong title/is named after the previous song, as is the case in this mixtape’s track four and five. Track five’s title should actually be track four’s. The song is still dope. In fact, track five would be released the following year on The Alchemist’s “1st Infantry” as “Bangers.” It’s some bullshit man.

One thing I wanted to briefly touch on was the debut, I believe, of the skits from Gomez Brothers. That R. Kelly skit was hilarious. They would appear on many Whoo Kid mixtapes, and I’m sure they will reappear on future G-Unit Radios.


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