An Ode to Alchemist: Chemistry 110


Here is the tenth entry into my Chemistry series about Alchemist’s productions.

The Alchemist – Bang Out feat. B Real (2004)

He sampled vocals from The Byrds’ “Jesus is Just Alright.” After speeding them up, he combined it with a clap to give it that rapid, clapping sound.

He hit us with an ill keyboard piece that reminded me of some futuristic shit, is Al from the future or is he just ahead of our time? That part makes me envision Al as a that mad chemist, no pun intended, striking keys as static electricity makes his hair go crazy. Those drums were nice as well.


Infamous Mobb – Intro (2002)

This shit is a MASTERPIECE. For just being an intro, it is dope. That guitar riff is everything.


Dilated Peoples – Thieves feat. Prodigy (2003)

The beat is dope. It has the perfect west coast feel to it. You could picture the beach, the sand, the waves crashing onto the rocks, etc. after hearing this beat. I think credit should be given to the Eddie Kendricks “The Newness is Gone” sample for giving off that vibe. Al took the sample and sped it up, added his touch to it.

I like how he included a bass guitar riff in the background, that shit is ill!


Capone-N-Noreaga – Follow The Dollar (2008)

This shit goes hard! The drums are insane, and loud. The keyboard is ridiculously catchy. I like what he did with it. Those other sounds leave me mesmerized, I can’t identify what they are but they blend well with the rest.

The beat is a perfect perception of the side of New York City that is tough and street, and all those adjectives that describe the non-touristic side.


Fat Joe – Bring it On (1999) / Lloyd Banks – Gang Green (2005)

I first heard the latter on a Clinton Sparks mixtape, which was my introduction to the beat. I didn’t hear the former until recently.

The beat is filled with that New York City sound Alchemist has been doing for years. It’s raw. It leaves you a mean mug on your face. The drums are crazy, The kick too. It’s loud and hard as well. The keyboard is insane. It gives off such a frightening sound, but I like it.


(Photo credit: Mishka)


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