DJ Whoo Kid – G-Unit Radio Part 6


DJ Whoo Kid – G-Unit Radio Part 6

Lloyd Banks is all over this mixtape, and that’s not a bad thing. This mixtape was released before Banks’ debut album, “The Hunger For More” and you could feel his hunger, no pun intended.

See “I’m Back.”

Banks rhymed over Jay Z’s “Threat” and killed it. I heard it before, years ago, and it’s still dope. This was a prime example of why many believed Banks was the best mixtape artist in the middle 2000s. He rapped, “and I got enough dough to throw a little in the air like pizza.” He cleverly said that he “makes it rain” inadvertently on a rap song. Two years later, Fat Joe would cash in with the phrase.

Plus, he made it clear that you will not piggyback off his success. He rapped, “some niggas took shots at me, but I held up my steam, I will not create a career, I just fuck with your queen.” You can try and take out Banks, but he won’t give you the benefit of acknowledging you.

He continued his attack on instrumentals from “The Black Album.” This time he grabbed Just Blaze’s dope and robust “Public Service Announcement (Interlude)” beat. On “Send You to Heat,” which should actually be “Send You To Hell,” Banks makes a revelation about his father. Banks said, “I paid a visit to father one time, but he flung me back.” Wow, I wonder what was going through his mind at the time.

Since this mixtape was like a prelude to his debut album, the track “Warrior,” which ended up on the album, was previewed on here. This song was hard when I first heard it in 2004, and it remains the same. It’s way better than part two.

Where does Whoo Kid keep finding these Tupac acapellas? Another one appeared on the “Help Me Change” track. The combination of Young Buck and Tupac on the same track was interesting.

50 Cent’s harmonizing and singing on “Get Off My Dick” was dope. He showed us how big he is by mentioning all of his outside of hip-hop endeavors including G-Unit films, G-Unit video games and G-Unit books.

I wasn’t fucking with Buck’s “I’m Ready For War.” Also, I didn’t like Buck’s, Lil Flip’s and his Clover Gz involvement in re-doing the classic stoner cut “I Got 5 on It” by the Luniz. The hook is horrible. Whoever did it shouldn’t have attempted it. It almost made my ears bleed, it was that bad.

Other notes from the mixtape were: the inclusion of two songs from “D12 World” including the lead single “My Band.” Also, Whoo Kid gave us a preview of the opening song from that album by providing Eminem’s long and crazy verse from “Git Up.” Eminem rapped bunch of bars. It made me winded listening to it. Floyd Mayweather Jr. provided the intro and outro, nice to see that he and 50 were friends since way back.


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