The Rap Quotes by Jay Shells


I first heard about Jay Shells and The Rap Quotes project late last year or January of this year. I remember thinking, “This is cool. Why didn’t I think of this?” Since then, I’ve been following his moves. When I found out he was going to have a show, I knew I had to attend, and I’m glad I did, better late than never.

Last Friday, I headed down to Gallery 1988’s east location to finally check out Shells’ show.

Originally, I was going to go on opening night but didn’t make it. It took the last week of the show’s run for me to make it down there, and I was debating whether to go because the weather had been extremely hot the past two weeks.

I got there and the rap signs were displayed on the walls. I turned to my left and saw lyrics with Los Angeles based locations. I turn to my right and I saw lyrics with specific New York locations.

The project is brilliant. I wish I would’ve came up with it. Plus, I like the fact that he tries to place the sign in the exact location the lyric says.

Although it seems easy to put up, Shells faced some challenges especially in Los Angeles, were poles aren’t everywhere. New York looked easier.

There are a good variety of rappers that were chosen. Lyrics from veterans like Rakim, Ice Cube, Raekwon, Ice T and Kool G Rap, as well as lyrics from the current new wave of rappers like Ab-Soul, Action Bronson, YG, Schoolboy Q and Childish Gambino were present. Current rap kings Jay Z, Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar were there too.

Also, a nice amount of legendary West Coast rappers made it including Xzibit, Defari, Kurupt, Warren G, Too Short, Murs, DJ Quik, and Phil Da Agony got some shine, ill shit.

My dawg Evidence made the cut too!

Even one of my favorite L.A. songs was picked. Shells chose lines from Sick Jacken and Chace Infinite verses off of Evidence’s “Born in L.A.” song. Although I wasn’t born in Los Angeles, I can relate to the shit all three rappers said in the song.

I fully support what Shells is doing with this project, and I cannot wait until he goes to Philadelphia this summer. I hope he continues onto other cities. By looking at his tweets the Bay Area could be the following location after Philly.

Below are a few photos I took, for even more photos click on the two links below.


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