DJ Whoo Kid – G-Unit Radio Part 9


DJ Whoo Kid And Young Buck – G-Unit Radio Part 9: G-Unit City

Not going to lie, I was disappointed with this mixtape. I thought it could be better but it was just “okay.” I wouldn’t necessarily listen to it again, maybe just a few tracks.

First of all, the good stuff.

I really liked “The City.” I thought it was dope. It sounds familiar, but I can’t pinpoint what exactly it reminds of. I liked how Young Buck got introspective on the song. This is easily the mixtape’s stand out song.

“Porno Star” was cool. 50 Cent’s hook is interesting. Lloyd Banks’ verses were cool. He namedropped a female porn star, and used a famous lawyer’s name in a line, he rapped, “One day of shopping got me contemplating about stopping, ’cause she can get me off like Cochran.” Lines like these, and better ones, became the norm from Banks.

But Eve’s verse was interesting too. She was extremely sexual. Her voice sounded sexy too. She rapped sexually suggestive lyrics but hit the brakes before it got x-rated, reminding us, that she is a lady. I got love for you Eve.

Buck’s “Bang Bang” from “Straight Outta Cashville” was included. The sample is ill. Nancy Sinatra’s cover version of Cher’s song—yeah, Cher, I was surprised too. Plus, hearing it again, triggered the opening of Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill Vol. 1.”

I wasn’t feeling the Tupac, Buck, Banks and 50 collaboration, “Loyal To The Game,” I thought it was wack. I did like that guitar riff.

Nor did I want to hear the remix of Chingy’s “Balla Baby,” especially with Lil’ Flip on it.

Other notes from this mixtape were: using the start up sound from the PlayStation 2 on “GTA Intro.” Sticking with the Grand Theft Auto theme, they copied the format from San Andreas cover. I liked it. The artwork is dope.

Also, Eminem’s “No Matter How Many” featuring 50 and Nate Dogg turned out to be “Never Enough” off “Encore.” The mixtape includes Snoop Dogg’s verse from “DPG-Unit,” which was a bonus track off Buck’s album.


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