Notofu: Street Art in China


Recently, I read an article, in a magazine called Notofu, on some street art in China. That’s right, China.

In the article, a woman was visited. She had had a miserable trip. The living conditions were horrible. The things she had seen were unreal. She had watched three villagers sodomized a dog while kicking another.

Her trip had gone to shit, when she decided to go on a cruise to Chongqing. The cruise sucked as well as she encountered a dirty, smelly city, causing her to stay in her room for two days.

The following day, a South African woman ask her to join her in checking out a nearby area full of street art.

She joined the woman.

She saw a three-fourths of a mile stretch of buildings covered in art, colorful art. The buildings were full of “bright cartoons of animals, designs and murals.”  Plus, at the end of it was a warehouse-sized gallery that had work ranging from abstract to realism as well as students in front of easels.

The interesting thing about this place was that it is government sanctioned. That’s right, the country that has banned Google, and other websites, and The Big Bang Theory allowed this.

I never imagined a censored country like China would have a region filled with art. But I’m glad their government allows artists to express themselves as well as brighten up regions in their country.

Here, I’ve attached the article, and added some photos of said region.

china2 china3

notofu01 notofu02

(Photos, except for the article, credit to


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